Production Excitement is Existing in Textile Factories That Will Contribute to Employment in Van

Production Excitement Is Experienced in Textile Factories That Will Contribute to Employment in Van
Production Excitement is Existing in Textile Factories That Will Contribute to Employment in Van

In response to the demands of the investors who produce in the western metropolises but come to the city to benefit from the incentives, the 42-hectare area in the Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) campus was completed with the support of the Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA) and allocated to 13 companies.

Some of the factories, which companies with large production and export capacity laid the foundations on the aforementioned lands by taking advantage of the 6th region incentives, have been completed and some of them are at the stage of completion.

Within the scope of the "Working and Producing Youth Program" carried out by the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, on the same area, production started in one of the 6 factories allocated to the companies, whose construction was completed by the Governorship Investment Monitoring and Coordination Presidency with the support of DAKA. In the factory, where 190 young people were employed at the first stage, it is aimed to increase this number to 450 in a short time.

Machinery and equipment are installed in 5 factories whose construction works have been completed. With the start of production in these factories, thousands of young people are expected to be employed in the textile sector in Van.

Number of Employed in Textiles Over 10 Thousand

DAKA Secretary General Halil İbrahim Güray said that they want to make Van one of the world's leading textile production centers.

Stating that the number of people employed in the textile sector in the city has exceeded 10 thousand, Güray said, “6 factory buildings have been completed. After our companies took delivery of the buildings, they quickly started to bring and place their machines. One of the 6 factories started production. The employment target of this company is approximately 450 people. Although it was a very short time, it started to employ 190 young people. We are happy to find a solution to unemployment, which is the biggest problem of our province and region, especially in terms of employment. We were lucky enough to finish the project and our factories are slowly starting production.” he said.

Stating that the number of companies that want to invest in the city is increasing day by day, Güray said:

“We allocated 42 hectares of land, which we call the first stage, to our companies. There is a high demand from companies. Now, we will complete the infrastructure of 58 hectares, which we have determined as the second stage, within the scope of the Attraction Centers Support Program and will allocate it to our companies. We have already received pre-orders. Companies that are always corporate, exporting and producing for big brands known in the world are demanding space. When we allocate these places, we will reach our target of at least 30 thousand employment in the textile sector in the city. 9 more factory buildings are being built by the Van Metropolitan Municipality. We aim to make Van one of the textile production centers of the region, the country and even the world in ready-to-wear in a short time. We are the youngest province in the country in terms of young population potential. But unfortunately, we have an unemployment rate above Turkey's average. We aim to bring the production culture to people in a short time and to reduce the unemployment rate of the region. Another goal of ours is for the companies that started production to export their products through Van. In this context, we are also making efforts to develop the export infrastructure.”

Günceleme: 13/01/2023 15:41

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