Van Police Touched the Lives of 15 Thousand Children and Young People

Van Police Touched the Lives of a Thousand Children and Young People
Van Police Touched the Lives of 15 Thousand Children and Young People

Within the scope of the “Make It Happen to Embrace Your Dreams” project, disadvantaged children and youth were enabled to participate in cultural and sports trainings in order to prevent them from being dragged into crime.

The police reached 15 young people and children with the project "Embrace Your Dreams", which was implemented last year by the Provincial Police Department in order to prevent disadvantaged youth from being dragged into crime in Van, to develop their personal skills and to support their education.

In the city, work has been initiated to ensure that the children of low-income families are interested in social, cultural, artistic and sports activities outside of school, improve themselves in the areas they are interested in, and thus prevent them from being dragged into crime.

With the project, which was implemented last year under the coordination of the Community Policing Branch Directorate teams, the young people, who were given free lessons in baglama, swimming, painting, theater and pastry, had the opportunity to see the historical and natural beauties of the city, and were taken to Ankara.

Within the scope of their "role model" activities, the young people, whose all expenses and transportation were covered, were also brought together with famous names such as national football player Arda Turan, artist Sevcan Orhan, singer Haluk Levent, and famous chef Mehmet Yalçınkaya, the jury of the MasterChef program, via teleconference.

The police, who made their children feel safe by conducting one-on-one meetings with families, helped the participants to see different places and focus on areas of interest, helping them shape their future plans.

“The Happiness of Our Youth Makes Us Happy”

Deputy Provincial Police Chief Erdem Kadıoğlu said that they touched the lives of 15 young people within the scope of the project.

Explaining that young people showed interest in pastry, baglama, theater, painting and swimming courses they organized, Kadıoğlu said: “We aimed to reach disadvantaged youth. In this direction, we organized a number of activities. The young people who completed their training in the courses shared their works with us. We brought them together with famous names. They gave examples from their lives and answered the questions of our young people. Many people who completed their education in the courses started working in different institutions. We took the young people to Ankara. Those who boarded the plane for the first time were those who saw Ankara for the first time. They visited Anıtkabir, the TBMM, the Complex, and the Special Operations Department. We aim to enable our children to socialize and see different environments. We also get very good feedback from families. The happiness of our young people makes us happy. We will continue to implement different projects.”

“This Is My Second Home”

One of the trainees, 24-year-old Merve Ezgi Tuna, said that her life changed with the pastry course.

Stating that she is a high school graduate and looking for a job, Tuna said, “I was surprised when I heard that a pastry course was opened within the Police Department. I applied for the course. This allowed me to get to know the cops better. We became like family here. They became brothers and sisters to us. We talked to them about what we couldn't talk to anyone. In the course, I learned how to make a cake and its details. I got a job. I have the knowledge and experience to open a business. This has become my second home. Thank you very much to my brother and sisters. I love them all." he said.

Stating that he had the chance to travel by plane for the first time in his life, 15-year-old Şervan Demir said, “I have never been outside the city. I had the opportunity to go to Ankara with my police brothers. I was very touched when we visited the Special Operations Department. I attended a theater course. We staged our play, which tells the story of our special operations policemen who were martyred in Gölbaşı. I attended many events. I would like to thank my police brothers who made it possible for us to have a full year.” said.

12-year-old Yusuf Ardan Yağız said, “I did not know how to swim before. I went to the course. I learned to swim from my police brothers. They dry our hair after we get out of the pool. Before, we were afraid of the police, we ran away when we saw them. When I got to know the police brothers, I realized that they were good. We did a lot of activities. We went to Ankara, visited Anıtkabir. They take us to the theater, to the games, to dinner. I love them so much." used his statements.

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