Turkish Hard Coal General Directorate to Recruit Officers

General Directorate of Turkey Taskomuru
Turkish Hard Coal General Directorate

8 Assistant Inspectors, 2 Administrative, 2 Technical (1 Mining Engineer, 1 Electrical Engineer) from the 4th degree, will be recruited to be assigned to the General Directorate of Turkish Hard Coal Institution, Inspection Board (Zonguldak Province).

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a) To carry the conditions written in Article 48 of the Civil Servants Law,

b) For Assistant Administrative Inspector; For the Faculty of Law, Economics, Political Sciences, Business Administration, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Technical Inspector Assistant, which provides at least four years of undergraduate education; To have completed one of the faculties of the universities that train Mining Engineers and Electrical Engineers, which provide at least four-year undergraduate education, and one of the domestic and foreign educational institutions whose equivalence is accepted by the competent authorities,

c) Being able to work and travel in all kinds of travel and climatic conditions,

d) Not to have completed the age of 01.01.2023 as of 35, (Those born on 01/01/1988 or later will be able to take the exam.) e) Not to have an obstacle to being an Assistant Inspector in terms of registry, attitudes and behaviors,

f) According to the results of the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) held by ÖSYM on 1, 7, 8 August 2021 or 18, 24, 25 September 2022;

For candidates who will apply for Assistant Administrative Inspector positions, to have scored 48 or higher in the KPSS 80 score type and to be among the first 40 people in the ranking of the applicants,

For the candidates who will apply for the Assistant Technical Inspector (Mining Engineer) position, to have a score of 1 or higher in the KPSS 80 score type and to be among the first 20 people in the score ranking to be made among the applicants,

For candidates who will apply for the position of Assistant Technical Inspector (Electrical Engineer), to have scored 1 or higher in KPSS 80 score type and to be among the first 20 people in the ranking of the applicants,

(If the number of candidates in the last place is more than one due to their equal scores, all candidates with this score will be called for the exam.)


Exam applications will start on 20.02.2023 and end on 03.03.2023 at 23:59. Applications will be made electronically by logging into the Turkish Hard Coal Institution General Directorate - Career Gate - Public Recruitment and Career Gate (isealimkariyerkapisi.cbiko.gov.tr) platform on e-government. Identity, military service, graduation information and KPSS results of the candidates who will apply will be automatically transferred over the system and all other necessary information and documents will be sent electronically.

Candidates who have graduated from education institutions in Turkey or abroad and who have an equivalence regarding the educational status sought in this announcement should upload their certificates showing equivalence to the "Document Indicating Equivalence" field under the "Your Other Documents" stage, instead of a diploma or graduation certificate.

During the application, a passport-sized photograph (within the last 6 months, the face was taken from the front in a completely visible way and the candidate can be easily recognized) and a short curriculum vitae uploaded to the system, as well as a statement that there is no obstacle to the continuous performance of his duties regarding health. box must be ticked.

Any application that does not show "Your transaction has been successfully completed..." on the Career Gate will not be considered. Therefore, candidates should check whether the application process has been completed. Candidates are responsible for making the application process error-free, complete and in accordance with the issues specified in this announcement, and uploading the requested documents to the system at the application stage.

Applications to the system after 04.03.2023:00 on 00 and applications made in person or by post, which do not meet the application requirements, and which are made with missing or incorrect documents, will not be processed.

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