Special Internet Packages for Pubg Mobile from Türk Telekom

Pubg Mobilea Special Internet Packages from Turk Telekom
Special Internet Packages for Pubg Mobile from Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom announced the 'Pubg Mobile' internet packages that it has implemented for the internet needs of mobile players. Türk Telekom offers a better gaming experience to mobile game lovers with four different internet packages exclusive to Pubg Mobile, one of Turkey's most popular mobile survival games.

Offering innovations and advantages focused on user experience in the developing game ecosystem, Türk Telekom has implemented additional internet packages specific to Pubg Mobile, which mobile gamers are passionate about. Additional packages available to postpaid and prepaid mobile customers on a weekly or monthly basis allow gamers to enjoy Pubg Mobile wherever they want.

Special internet packages for Pubg Mobile from Türk Telekom

Within the scope of 'Pubg Mobile' special additional packages; Türk Telekom postpaid customers can use weekly unlimited internet for an additional 25 TL to their bills, while they can have unlimited internet for only 49 TL per month. Türk Telekom prepaid customers, on the other hand, can use a weekly 15GB internet exclusive to Pubg Mobile for 25 TL, while they can have a monthly 30GB internet for 49 TL.

Türk Telekom mobile customers; You can benefit from the packages by registering via Türk Telekom application, SMS, Türk Telekom stores or customer services. Customers who want to register via SMS channel can get weekly packages by typing PUBGM WEEKLY and sending a short message to 5555, and monthly PUBG Mobile packages by writing PUBGM MONTHLY and sending a text message to 5555.

About Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile is based on the famous game Pubg: Battlegrounds, which took the interactive entertainment world by storm in 2017. In the game, a maximum of 100 players parachute onto a deserted island to fight in a winner-take-all showdown. Players must locate and procure their own weapons, vehicles and equipment and defeat other players in a visually and tactically rich battlefield that forces them to survive in a shrinking playground. For more information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTubeYou can visit the official Pubg Mobile social media accounts in .

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