Turkish Textile Wind Swept Europe

Turkish Textile Winds Surrounded Europe
Turkish Textile Wind Swept Europe

Turkey left its mark on the Heimtextil Fair, which is the most prestigious organization in the world in the home textile industry and attended by 60 companies from nearly 2 countries. A total of 400 companies from Turkey, 116 of which were from Bursa, participated in the fair. Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) made an appearance in the fair with a delegation of about 315 people within the scope of the Global Fair Agency project.

The wind of Turkey is blowing at Heimtextil, the world's largest international home textile fair. At the fair, which opened its doors in Frankfurt, Germany, Turkey stands out as the country with the strongest participation, along with China and India. At the Heimtextil Fair, which welcomes visitors from all over the world, 315 Turkish companies opened stands, while 116 of the participating companies were from Bursa. The products exhibited by Turkish home textile companies, from sustainable fabrics to curtains, from bed linen to bathroom textiles, are highly appreciated by the visitors.

2023 Target in Exports is 5 Billion Dollars

Making evaluations about the fair, İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of BTSO, said that the home textile industry has an important place in exports with the added value it produces. Reminding that home textiles, whose export unit price exceeds 8 dollars, is an export target of 2023 billion dollars in 5, Burkay noted that as BTSO, they carry out activities that pave the way for the sector in this context.

Quality, Design and Smart Textiles Stand Out

Stating that companies have come to the fore in global competition with their quality, design and smart textile applications recently, President Burkay said, “Bursa has a very important experience and export potential in home textiles. However, in today's competitive conditions, quality production alone is not enough. You need to market what you produce and deliver it to large audiences. At this point, we attach great importance to fair organization activities. Within the scope of the Global Fair Agency project, we have brought our 10 thousand members together with more than 7 international fairs in the last 200 years.” said.

Export Appetite of Companies is at High Level

Stating that Heimtextil Fair is the first international organization organized by the Global Fair Agency in 2023, President Burkay continued his speech as follows: “As Bursa and Turkey, we are among the strongest participants in Heimtextil, the brand fair of the home textile industry. 116 companies from Bursa are exhibiting their innovative home textile products at the fair. This is also an important indicator of the increasing export appetite of our companies after the pandemic. As BTSO, we will continue our work that will contribute to the development of our industry, especially the Hometex Home Textile Fair, which we organized in cooperation with TETSIAD. I wish good and fruitful fairs to all our companies.”

Firms Are Very Well Prepared for the Fair

Ufuk Oçak, Vice Chairman of UTİB and TETSİAD, said, “The fair started very well. Everyone missed the fair. Our companies were also very well prepared for the fair in this process. Turkey is a very strong country in home textiles. We are in a position to export all over the world. Our exports are at a very strong upward momentum. We believe that this fair will accelerate this acceleration. We are also very strong, very assertive at Hometex Fair this year. At Hometex, we will once again show that we play the industry leadership in the world.” said.

We Expect Recovery in the European Market

BTSO 30th Professional Committee (Home Textile Products Trade) Chairman Burak Anıl said that they are experiencing the excitement of Heimtextil Fair again after a two-year hiatus. Noting that they aim to transform the talks at the fair into exports, Anıl said, “Currently, there is a slowdown in the European market. However, we believe that it will recover over time. We will reach more customers and higher export figures with Heimtextil and Hometex Fair to be held in Istanbul in May.” said.

There Is No Country Lucky Than Turkey

Erol Türkün, one of the veterans of the home textile industry, said, “The perception of the world has changed with the pandemic. Environment and sustainability are now at the forefront. Flame retardant fabrics, blackout opaque fabrics, and soundproof fabrics gain importance along with recycled fabrics. Now the curtain is not only decorative, but also attracts attention with such features. Incoming customers are also curious about the innovations first. They ask what you add to the fabric as technology, not design and color. As a company, our innovations also attract great attention from customers. If we take into account our technological superiority and human resources, there is no country more fortunate than Turkey in the upcoming period.” he said.

We Are Hopeful For 2023

Hasan Moral, one of the fair participants, said, “We are pleased to meet with our customers again. The fair is going well. Heimtextil is one of the main fairs of our industry. Since the second half of last year, we started to feel the recession concerns in Europe in the sector. Our European customers are generally more cautious. That's why the collections have shrunk. We think that this will come to an end in 2023. We can see its traces at the fair. Hopefully a better year awaits us."

Sustainable Textiles at the Forefront

Murat Canik, in his evaluation of the fair, said, “We have the opportunity to meet with quality and distinguished customers at the fair. We prioritize sustainable textiles made from recycled materials. We have technical fabrics. Flame retardant textiles used especially in exteriors and hotels are appreciated by our customers. On the other hand, the year 2023 is a question mark for everyone. It is still unclear whether the recession in Europe will continue or deepen. We hope it goes well.” used his statements.

International Fair Support from KOSGEB and BTSO

On the other hand, companies participating in international fair organizations organized by BTSO can receive support up to 45.000 TL from KOSGEB and up to 1.000 TL from BTSO.

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