Toyota Exhibited Models at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

Toyota Exhibited Models at Tokyo Auto Salon Fair
Toyota Exhibited Models at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

Toyota drew attention with its models and concepts at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023. Models that Toyota showed in Tokyo included the AE86 H2 Concept, AE86 BEV Concept, GR Yaris Rally2 Concept, GR Yaris RZ High-performance Sebastien Ogier Edition and Kalle Rovanpera Edition concepts.

Toyota has done a unique job by making its models that car enthusiasts love and remember, carbon neutral. Developing better cars by taking advantage of motorsports, Toyota continues to make models that reflect the excitement of internal combustion engines together with its racing department, Toyota Gazoo Racing.

The hydrogen-powered AE86 H2 concept shown in Tokyo was designed with the high-pressure tanks of the fuel-cell Toyota Mirai. The fuel injection, fuel hoses and spark plugs of the vehicle were also modified according to the hydrogen engine.

GR Corolla Aero Concept

In addition, the AE86 BEV concept, which uses the new electrification technology, has been made fully electric. While the body of the AE86 was kept as light as possible, the driving characteristics of the all-electric vehicle and the manual transmission, reflecting the driving pleasure of the original vehicle, were also adapted.

The AE86 BEV concept featured electrification technology from existing commercially available vehicles, including the Prius PHEV battery and the Tundra HEV electric motor. In order to contribute to being carbon neutral, materials such as remade recycled seats and seat belts made from recycled materials were preferred in the AE86 concepts.

Toyota Tokyo Auto Salon

GR Yaris Rally2 concept

One of Toyota's notable concepts at Tokyo Auto Salon 2023 was the GR Yaris Rally2 concept. Toyota Gazoo Racing, which develops better cars by participating in WRC races and works in different fields of motorsport, this time signed a new vehicle for customer motorsport rally races.

Based on the GR Yaris Rally2 concept, the GR YARIS WR concept will compete in the Japan Rally Championship in the 2023 season. It is aimed to obtain homologation approval in January 2024 for the rally vehicle, which will continue to be developed with the feedback from customer motorsport teams.

AE H Concept and AE BEV Concept

Champion Rovanpera and Ogier Edition GR Yaris RZ introduced

Toyota introduced the Toyota GR Yaris versions, developed for the successful and champion drivers of the WRC, at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Developed by Toyota Gazoo Racing, these special versions are dedicated to Sabastien Ogier, who won the Drivers' Championship in 2021 and Kalle Rovanpera, who won the Drivers' Championship in 2022.

Both models include details specific to pilots in their interior and exterior designs. Designed with decals and logos specific to WRC champions, the GR Yaris RZ Rovanpera and Ogier Edition will be offered with a 4-wheel drive system with version-specific control modes. In addition, the vehicle with a 272 HP power 1.6-liter turbo engine, the torque value of the version has been increased to 390 nanometers.

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