Statement from the Ministry of Commerce on the Import of Used Goods

Statement on Import of Used Goods from the Ministry of Commerce
Statement from the Ministry of Commerce on the Import of Used Goods

The Ministry of Commerce made a statement about the import of used or refurbished electrical and electronic goods.

The statement made by the Ministry is as follows: “Recently, in the news in the written and visual media, used or refurbished electrical equipment was prepared within the framework of the Regulation on the Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, prepared by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and published in the Official Gazette on 26/12/2022. Extremely erroneous interpretations are made that the import of electronic and electronic goods, especially consumer goods, is allowed.

In this context, the need to make a statement has emerged in order for the public to have accurate information. In particular, it should be noted that there is no change in the subject of the importation of used or refurbished electrical and electronic goods that are not waste, subject to the permission of the Ministry of Commerce. In this framework, the importation of used or refurbished electrical and electronic consumer goods is not allowed as a rule.”

Import of Used or Refurbished Goods

You can find information about the legislation and application methods for Used or Refurbished Goods Permits here.

Import of used goods The Decision on the Amendment of the Import Regime Decision (Decision Number: 31.12.2020) published in the 31351rd repeated Official Gazette dated 3 and numbered 3350 and the Import Regime Decision published in the 31.12.2022rd repeated Official Gazette dated 32060 and numbered 3 (Decision Number : 6625) and Import Communiqués.

Within the scope of article 7 of the decision, “Importation of old, used, refurbished, defective (defective) and slanted (lost durability over time) goods is subject to permission.” Permits were issued with the Communiqué on Imports of Used or Refurbished Goods (Import: 31.12.2022/32060) published in the Official Gazette dated 3 and numbered 2023 (9rd repeated).

According to the Communiqué, permission is granted for the items included in the List and items meeting certain conditions, and these items are divided into Group 1 and Group 2. It is possible to import the goods that can be used in civil aviation, which are included in Group 2 within the scope of the list, pursuant to the Letter of Conformity to be issued by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Civil Aviation and the aforementioned Ministry, taking into account the domestic production of sea vehicles.

Application Procedures

Used Goods Permit Applications are made online with E-Signature on behalf of the companies through the IMPORT DOCUMENT OPERATIONS Application to our Ministry (General Directorate of Imports). Applications are made by selecting TPS-0970-Permission Certificate (Used Goods-List) if the goods are in the scope of the List, and TPS-0962-Permission Certificate (Used Goods-Unlisted) if the goods are not included in the list.

If the applications are within the scope of the list and meet the necessary conditions, directly, if not, the General Directorate will determine whether the relevant product is a domestic manufacturer in our country, if there is a manufacturer, the production of the product with the same or similar characteristics as the goods for which the import is requested, or the production and delivery opportunities in a reasonable time in the country. It is evaluated and concluded by taking into account their contributions to the economy.

In order to contribute to the determination process in question, a list of PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS, of which our companies producing industrial products are members, has been prepared. It will be possible to reach the producer through the member lists of these organizations. The list is not final and definitive and is for guidance only.

For this reason, it is important for our companies that want to import used goods or machinery to research whether there is a domestic manufacturer before starting the import process or to make any purchase commitment, and if they identify the manufacturer, they should first apply to the domestic manufacturers. For applications, it is beneficial to prepare the documents specified in the Communiqué in advance.

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