How Does Diabetes Affect the Eyes?

How Diabetes Affects the Eyes
How Diabetes Affects the Eyes

Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Eyüp Özcan gave information about the subject. Diabetes is a disease that causes serious damage to the eye in a long time and results in blindness if eye problems are not treated in the early period.

Diabetes affects the retina layer at the back of the eye. Some of the problems that can be seen in the eyes due to diabetes are as follows;

  • Leaks and yellow spot edema that occur due to the deterioration of the wall structure of the vessels in the yellow spot.
  • Hemorrhages and retinal detachment of the eye, which occur due to the formation of occlusion in the retinal vessels in the eye and the bleeding of the new vessels formed to feed the areas that cannot receive blood, must be detached.
  • They are vascular occlusions that occur in the yellow spot in the eye.

Especially in Type 1 diabetes patients, ocular findings are more severe. In case of uncontrolled sugar level, not following the necessary recommendations and ignoring the controls, permanent bleeding and damage may occur behind the eye. Of course, there is no such thing as this situation will occur in every diabetic. For this reason, it is necessary for diabetics not to delay their controls, to check their sugar levels and to go to an ophthalmologist at most every 6 months.

If there is edema or bleeding caused by diabetes in the back of the eye, and if it has also affected the visual level at a certain level, treatments such as vitrectomy surgery, argon laser treatment, antivegf injections are applied according to the course of the disease and in a certain order. Most of the time, eye diseases are not unsolvable, only delay in treatment is dangerous. .

Kiss. Dr. Eyüp Özcan said, “In addition to diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) disease also affects the retina of the eye. Therefore, it is important for high blood pressure patients to keep their blood pressure at an appropriate level. Regular use of medications for high blood pressure patients is of great importance for eye health.

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