Intelligent Lighting System is Installed in Sekapark

Sekaparka Intelligent Lighting System is Installed
Intelligent Lighting System is Installed in Sekapark

The Metropolitan Municipality is installing a smart lighting system in Sekapark, one of the most important city parks of Kocaeli and seen as the activity center of Marmara. Sekapark, where 460 lighting poles will be erected to save energy, will be more vibrant and colorful at night. While the work continues for this purpose, it is necessary to open the lines from time to time during the daylight hours. During the next 10-15 days during the installation of smart lighting systems, the lighting lines in Sekapark will be able to remain open during daylight hours.


A smart lighting automation system is also being installed within the scope of the replacement of the poles that have completed their economic life in Sekapark with new ones. The lines must be open during the daytime work for the infrastructure arrangement and testing of the automation system for the works carried out. In this context, the lines should be open from time to time during the daytime hours during the works that will last for 10-15 days. When the works are completed, Sekapark, one of Turkey's largest urban transformation projects, will also have a visual feast.


Within the scope of smart city lighting works, the Metropolitan is dismantling 420 poles that have completed their economic life in Sekapark. While this change is being made, a smart lighting system is installed with 460 new poles and 820 nema socket luminaires, together with additional poles. The new lighting system will provide more light opportunities while saving energy. Sekapark, the first address of Kocaeli residents, will be even more beautiful in the evenings. The old poles will be used in different parts of the city by ensuring energy efficiency.


With smart lighting, luminaires will be able to be turned on and off remotely, illuminate at different levels, and information such as current-power-position-fault status will be accessed. All these parameters will be monitored and controlled with the interface program to be found on mobile phones, tablets and computers.

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