SAKBIS became the focus of attention of thousands of Sakarya residents in 2022

SAKBIS has become the center of attention of thousands of Sakarya residents
SAKBIS became the focus of attention of thousands of Sakarya residents in 2022

Metropolitan Municipality SAKBIS bicycle stations became the focus of attention of thousands of Sakarya residents in 2022. This year, 42 rentals were made from the electronic screens at the stops, and the duration of bicycle use exceeded 600 million minutes. Producing projects that encourage the use of bicycles in 1, the Metropolitan strengthens its claim to be a 'Bike Friendly City'.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its innovative works to spread the use of bicycles throughout the city. The bicycle to which President Ekrem Yüce showed great sensitivity; It is an important part of life as it is environmentally friendly, healthy and useful. SAKBIS, which was established all over the city by the Metropolitan Municipality, is preferred by everyone from 7 to 70. In addition to making a great contribution to the transportation network, it is also of great importance that it is environmentally friendly.

SAKBIS stations, which were established in many points of the city, became the center of attention of the people of Sakarya in 2022. Thousands of citizens who use bicycles for work, home and social activities have rented a total of 42 thousand 600 times this year. The total usage time of SAKBIS has exceeded 1 million minutes. Metropolitan, which has activated a more widespread application system in order to appeal to every citizen living in the city, carries the bicycle to the center of Sakarya day by day.

The first phase of 160 kilometers is ready

In the statement made by the Youth and Sports Services Department, “Sakarya; Bicycle lanes hold the title of 'Bicycle Friendly City' thanks to the organizations it organizes and the awards it receives. In order to increase the love of our citizens for cycling, we have implemented many innovations under the leadership of our President Ekrem Yüce. Our bike path network consisting of three stages; It starts from the Sunflower Bicycle Valley, passes through regions such as the Summer Junction, Millet Garden, Aziz Duran Park, and Vagon Park, stretching from the shore of Sapanca Lake to the borders of Kocaeli. With the completion of the 1st stage works, we have now put our 160-kilometer bicycle path into the service of our citizens. SAKBIS's have been very popular in Sakarya in the last 4 years. Bicycles, which are always the center of attention of citizens, are of great importance both in terms of use and health.

SAKBIS's are very popular

The Youth and Sports Services Department shared the following details regarding the use of SAKBIS: “The year 2022, which we left behind, once again reminded us of the value we place on bicycles. We want to further increase its contributions from health to comfort, from transportation convenience to the environment. We will implement new studies for our citizens to use SAKBIS more. The total usage time of SAKBIS, which was leased 42 times in total this year, exceeded 600 million minutes. We would like to thank our citizens who prefer us to use bicycles.

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