Pay Attention To These To Have Healthy Eyes!

Pay Attention To These To Have Healthy Eyes
Pay Attention To These To Have Healthy Eyes!

One of the most neglected organs in our country is the eyes. In fact, one of the most important organs of the body is the eyes. So how can we protect eye health, which is one of the most sensitive organs? Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Eyüp Özcan gave information about the subject.

Eye Health and Nutrition

There are some foods that should be consumed for eye health. These foods are also rich in vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and trace elements. Especially foods containing vitamins E, A and C (tomato,

A diet rich in omega acids (oily fish), selenium and zinc is very beneficial for eye health. .It is also necessary to consume plenty of water.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking is one of the most important risk factors for age-related macular degeneration. It also accelerates the formation of cataracts and causes dryness in the eyes. In addition, it causes congestion in the eye vessels as it causes arteriosclerosis.

These Are Important When Wearing Contact Lenses

Cleanliness is very important in the use of contact lenses. Otherwise, the risk of eye infection increases. In addition, the lens case solution should be changed every day. The lens case should be renewed every 2-3 months. Do not use the contact lens for longer than recommended by the ophthalmologist. Also, never sleep with contact lenses on.

Eye checks should not be missed

Routine and regular eye checks are important for eye health. Thanks to regular eye checks, eye problems such as eye pressure, macular degeneration, cataracts and lazy eye can be detected early and treated more effectively.

Attention to Chronic Diseases!

Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes (diabetes) and high cholesterol adversely affect the eyes. Therefore, maintaining general health is also important for eye health. It is also important to avoid being overweight. Because obesity is also one of the risk factors for eye health.

Using a Computer for a Long Time

Improper use of contact lenses, some rheumatic diseases, some hormonal disorders, working in a humid environment and especially long-term use of computers create a significant risk of dryness for the eye surface. it manifests itself with symptoms such as needing and stinging in the eyes. These situations negatively affect daily life in people. Against this problem, artificial tears can be used, and the eyes should be rested by taking intermittent short breaks during work.

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