Nature Themed Pedestrian Overpass to Ormanya

Nature Themed Pedestrian Overpass to Ormanya
Nature Themed Pedestrian Overpass to Ormanya

Ormanya, the natural life park of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, is among the most important nature tourism destinations in Turkey. Aiming to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to reach Ormanya, the Metropolitan had recently started the overpass works. Designed in accordance with Ormanya's natural concept, the pedestrian overpass will draw attention when it is completed with its tree-shaped feet and body covered with flower applications.


Hosting hundreds of thousands of nature lovers throughout the year, regardless of summer or winter, Ormanya is now preparing to become the focal point with its pedestrian overpass. While the overpass will ensure safe transportation of pedestrians to Ormanya via the D-100 Highway, it will also set a model and example with its design. While the legs on the two sides and the middle of the bridge are designed as trees, the flowerpots on the bridge, which have a different visual richness, will be decorated with colorful flowers every season.


Granite coating works for the stairs on the park side of the bridge and mold manufacturing for the stair pots have been completed. Concrete production of stair step and stair pot parapets was made by the Department of Science Affairs. While the production of one of the 3 steel deck beams resting on 2 reinforced concrete columns is completed, the construction of the other continues. In the overpass, where tree-patterned surface coating works are still ongoing, primer paint application has been started on the steel deck. Reinforced concrete granite coating will also be made on the deck of the overpass. The columns of the overpass will be concrete, the main beam will be a steel structure, and the top will be a reinforced concrete slab. The pedestrian overpass will be 45 meters long and 4 meters wide.

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