The Contracting Sector Undertook 2022 Billion Dollars of Work Abroad in 17,8

The Contracting Sector Undertook 2022 Billion Dollars of Work Abroad in 17,8
The Contracting Sector Undertook 2022 Billion Dollars of Work Abroad in 17,8

Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş stated that the foreign contracting sector closed the year 2022 with a significant total project value of 17,8 billion dollars.

In the speech he delivered in the “2022 Evaluation of Overseas Contracting and Technical Consulting Services” organized by the Turkish Contractors Association, Muş drew attention to the importance of service exports as well as goods exports.

Stating that service exports exceeded $2022 billion in 10 as 76,4 billion dollars as of 2021 months of 61,4, Muş said, “I hope that in the 100th year of our Republic, we will continue to work with our private sector as the Ministry to achieve new successes in our exports of goods and services. ” he said.

Noting that contracting and technical consultancy companies are among the important actors of this rise in foreign trade, Muş said that it is among the critical priorities for the sector to rise to the top in the world construction market.

“Russia retained its first place”

Pointing out that the contracting industry has achieved a very important position by surpassing many of its competitors in foreign markets, Muş continued his words as follows:

“Our overseas contracting industry closed the year 2022 with a significant total project value of 17,8 billion dollars, and the industry proved its strength and resilience once again. Thus, the total number of projects undertaken increased to 11 and the total value of the projects increased to 605 billion dollars. The number of countries in which we carry out projects in the world has increased to 471,7 as of 2022. Our goal is that there is no country in the world where Turkish contractors do not go and do not produce works. When we look regionally, the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is again in the first place with 133 percent in terms of project size in 2022. In the second place is the European Region, whose share doubled with 37,6%. The Middle East is in third place this year with 24,5 percent. We see that we have consolidated our position in the Sub-Saharan Africa region with a share of 18,5%.

When we look at the top 10 countries, although Russia maintains its place in the first place, a record size of around 11 billion dollars was set in the previous year, and as a result of the war, a project size of 2 billion dollars has been reached this year.

Pointing out the importance of the sector's market diversification, Muş said, “The efforts of our companies to diversify our contracting markets are also reflected in our figures. In 2022, Romania, Poland, Hungary and Tanzania are in the top 10 countries. Now our target should be Western Europe and the Americas and Asia-Pacific countries. We should all look for ways to expand our markets towards these regions.” used the phrase.

Stating that Turkish contracting companies have preserved and strengthened their place in the world, Muş said, “Our country has been represented by 250-40 companies in the list of the biggest 45 contracting companies of the year by ENR Magazine for many years and undertakes 5 percent of the global project size.” said.

Minister Muş also gave information about the foreign technical consultancy sector and said that this sector also increased its position in the world.

Noting that a significant acceleration was gained in this field in 2022, Muş said, “Last year, the annual project cost increased by 2021 percent compared to 55, reaching a significant figure of 236 million dollars, relative to the global size of the industry. From past to present, the total value of technical consultancy projects has increased to approximately 3 billion dollars and the number of projects to 2 thousand 583. Regionally, in addition to our traditional markets such as the CIS and the Middle East, we also have a strong positioning in other Asian countries excluding the CIS. In this context, Pakistan and India have become our traditional market for the technical consultancy sector and are among the 10 countries where we undertake the most projects. We are also pleased to see new markets such as Nepal and Romania in the top 10 country rankings this year. In the same list, we see Saudi Arabia, with which our relations are positive this year.” made its assessment.

 “We evaluate delegation requests positively”

Pointing to the steps they have taken to solve the problems of the sector, Muş said:

“In this context, we support initiatives in the presence of other relevant ministries and institutions, not only for the problems abroad, but also for the domestic problems that affect the performance abroad. In our vision for the future, technology and added value are always at the forefront and expansion to new markets is accelerated. We carefully monitor the efforts of our companies in the Asia-Pacific region and try to provide the necessary diplomatic support. As you know, our delegations are one of the most important tools we use as the Ministry in reaching these new markets and strengthening the existing ones. In this context, we always consider the delegation requests from you positively. In addition, the issue of partnerships with companies from different countries and cooperation in third countries is an issue that we attach importance to as the Ministry.”

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