The Number of Model Factories Will Increase to 2023 by the End of 14

The Number of Model Factories Will Finally Become e
The Number of Model Factories Will Increase to 2023 by the End of 14

Competence and Digital Transformation Centers - Model Factories, which implement the cheapest and error-free production model in the shortest time with the least resources, will become widespread in 2023. The number of Model Factories aiming at SMEs to gain competence by using experiential learning techniques will increase to 2023 by the end of 14.

The official opening of the Kayseri Model Factory and the groundbreaking ceremony of the Denizli Model Factory were held with the participation of the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank. Minister Varank stated that the model factories will serve not only the provinces where they are located, but also the surrounding provinces, and made the following call to the industrialists: Come to our Model Factories, learn about lean production and both increase your efficiency and advance one step further towards digital transformation.


Kayseri Model Factory started to serve businesses after its processes were completed under the coordination of the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the execution of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Kayseri Chamber of Industry, Kayseri Chamber of Commerce and Abdullah Gül University (AGU) are among the stakeholders of Kayseri Model Factory. Kayseri Model Factory, also supported by the German Development Bank (KfW); With the training and consultancy services it provides, it aims to increase the competitiveness of businesses in subjects such as continuous improvement, lean production and digital transformation in a short time.


Minister Varank made the official opening of the Kayseri Model Factory located on the AGU campus. Kayseri Governor Gökmen Çiçek, AK Party Kayseri deputies Mustafa Elitaş, Taner Yıldız, Kayseri Metropolitan Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç, Kayseri Chamber of Industry Mehmet Büyüksimitci, AGU Rector Prof. Dr. Cengiz Yılmaz and Kayseri Chamber of Commerce President Ömer Gülsoy also attended. Minister Varank, who cut the ribbon of Kayseri Model Factory, said in his speech:


We continue our opening marathon in Kayseri. Since morning, we have been carrying out works that contribute to this city and bring the productive economy to life. One of them is the Model Factory project. What do you mean Model Factory? This is a project that teaches lean production to our businesses with Learn-Turn programs and can increase their productivity without making any investment.


Here, our businesses are learning about lean production. With the consultancy they receive from here, they simplify their own production processes and achieve significant productivity increases. We have companies that increase their productivity by 50-70%. They can get it without any investment. In fact, this is also the first step in its digital transformation.


Let's make the following call from Kayseri here. Please follow the Model Factory projects. Let our businesses apply here. With KOSGEB, we pay up to 100 thousand liras for the training they receive here. In other words, the industrialist can learn lean production and apply it in their businesses without any expense, but it provides tremendous productivity increases.


Here we cut the ribbon of our Kayseri Model Factory. Currently, there are 8 Model Factories in Turkey. We are working hard to increase their number. Model Factory, in which a university is a stakeholder, is also in Kayseri. We have implemented a good example here in Kayseri. We are getting very good results. It does not only serve Kayseri. Surrounding cities also come here. We are calling on our industrialists and businesses from here. Come to Kayseri, come to our model factory, learn about lean production, increase your productivity and take one more step towards digital transformation.


Minister Varank, who made contacts in Denizli after the Kayseri program, laid the foundation of Denizli Model Factory here as well. Denizli Deputy Governor Mehmet Okur, Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan, Presidential Economic Policy Member Nihat Zeybekci, AK Party Deputy Şahin Tin, Pamukkale Mayor Avni Örki, DTO President Uğur Erdoğan, Denizli OIZ President Abdulkadir Uslu, AK Party Provincial President Yücel Güngör also participated.


Speaking at the groundbreaking ceremony, Varank stated that as the ministry, they continue to ease the burden of entrepreneurs with their common use facilities and said, “We will build Denizli Model Factory with this approach. We will bring one of our model factories, whose focus is on lean production mentoring and digital transformation, to Denizli. At the end of 2023, our companies from Denizli and surrounding cities will come here and start to receive service. I want our industrialists and traders to take advantage of the productivity increase opportunities this facility will provide.” said.


Varank said that in model factories, industrialists increase their efficiency by 20-30 percent by optimizing your processes without making any investments, simply by simplifying your processes, “We need to benefit from solar energy and renewable energy. When we put these into action, our competitiveness will have increased much more and will have reached a much more advanced level.” he said.


Reminding that Kayseri Model Factory has officially opened, Varank said, “While an electric milling machine in Kayseri produces 100 grains, companies that simplify their processes with the learn-transform program start to produce 120 grains. Without making any investment, without creating new employment. Model factories are realizing such serious productivity gains.” said. Pointing out that model factories are structures where lean production and efficiency issues are learned, Varank emphasized that there are very serious production increases in the companies that receive training here.

Varank took two of the Denizli Organized Industrial Zone Technical College (DOSTEK) students, who later came to the groundbreaking ceremony, with him, and laid the foundation of the model factory by pressing the button with them. Varank then took photos with the students.


Denizli Model Factory, whose stakeholders include Denizli Organized Industrial Zone, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Pamukkale University, Denizli Chamber of Industry, Denizli Chamber of Commerce, Denizli Exporters' Association and Denizli Commodity Exchange; With the training and consultancy services it will provide, it aims to increase the competitiveness of enterprises in subjects such as continuous improvement, lean production and digital transformation.


Model Factories, also called Competence and Digital Transformation Centers, are characterized as centers that aim to increase productivity based on lean production and provide applied training and consultancy services for this purpose. Infrastructure and human resource development studies are also carried out in Model Factories so that businesses can operate in the field of digital transformation.


Up to the present; Model factories were established in Ankara, Bursa, Konya, Kayseri, Gaziantep, Mersin, Adana and İzmir. By the end of 2023, in addition to Denizli, Eskişehir, Kocaeli, Malatya, Samsun and Trabzon provinces will have model factories. Thus, the number of model factories in Turkey will increase to 14.


KOSGEB provides Model Factory Support under the Business Development Support Program. SMEs receiving training services from Model Factories are supported within the scope of this program. The trainings received at the model factories are supported up to 100 thousand liras without repayment. When the Denizli Model Factory becomes operational, it will be included in the Model Factory Support defined under the KOSGEB Business Development Support Program.

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