When to Plant a Fruit Tree?

When to Plant a Fruit Tree
When to Plant a Fruit Tree

fruit saplingThe number of people who want to train is very large. If you want to grow these seedlings in your garden, you can choose 1001 Saplings store.

You can decorate the garden of your home or business with fruit trees. In addition to its wonderful appearance, it gives you the peace of being in nature with its perfect smell. Those who want to find this peace fruit sapling He wonders when the planting is.

In general, you can plant cold-resistant trees in the spring as in the fall. During the sewing process, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Trees that shed their leaves in winter can be planted until March.
  • It can be planted between November and April, which does not shed its leaves in winter.
  • If planting is done in summer, it should be watered frequently afterwards.
  • In winter planting, it is necessary to protect it from frost.

You can perform the planting process by paying attention to the above details.

How Many Days Are Fruit Saplings Watered?

After planting, the fruit sapling is given life water. In places where rainfall is not sufficient, new seedlings should be watered once a week in the future. If your sapling has grown and turned into a tree, watering once every 15 days is sufficient.

Irrigation should be done less frequently in the spring and autumn seasons. Trees do not need to be watered if they are in an area that receives a lot of rainfall. It is much more convenient to irrigate up to the capillary roots that absorb the water without wetting the trunk of the tree. At the same time, it is more recommended to irrigate at night. When all these details are taken care of, the tree bears fruit when it reaches a certain age.

At What Age Does the Fruit Sapling Yield Fruit?

Fruiting age varies according to the type of fruit sapling. For this, it is very important to find the suitable sapling for your soil. You can find out which fruit tree you can plant in your garden by doing a detailed research. It is very important in terms of yield that you continue the processes such as regular irrigation and fertilization after planting without interruption.

Traditional fruit seedlings begin to bear fruit when they are 3-4 years old if properly cared for. This period is slightly shorter for dwarf fruit trees. Generally, at the end of the 2nd year, dwarf trees begin to bear fruit efficiently.

Mostly, 4 years after the start of fruiting, the yield stage is started. It begins to bear fruit efficiently with care.

Where to Buy Certified Fruit Saplings?

The certificate is very important for the seedlings you want to get. You should definitely not neglect to do research for the right company. In this regard, 1001 Fidan offers you fruit sapling view your options. 1001 Saplings helps you with the fruit trees you want to plant. If you wish, it is possible to get more detailed information by calling the company.

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