The 'Best's of 2022 in Meteorology Announced

The Best of the Year in Meteorology Has Been Announced
The 'Best's of 2022 in Meteorology Announced

While the hottest day in 2022 in Turkey was 15 degrees in Şırnak Silopi on 47,9 July, 29 kilograms of precipitation per square meter fell in Mersin Gülnar Konur village on 451,9 January.

The General Directorate of Meteorology of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change evaluated the data obtained from 2 thousand 57 observation stations showing the meteorological parameters of the provinces and districts and published the meteorological extreme values ​​for 2022.

According to the information compiled from meteorological data, the hottest day of 2022 took place in Silopi, Şırnak on July 15. The air temperature in Silopi was 47,9 degrees.

The second highest temperature was recorded in Şanlıurfa Ceylanpınar with 10 degrees on July 47,7, and the third highest temperature value was recorded as 5 degrees in Cizre, Şırnak on August 47,4.

The highest temperature measured in provincial centers was experienced in Diyarbakır on August 5, and the temperature value was reflected in the data as 43,5 degrees.

The lowest temperature was recorded in Van with minus 34,4

On January 18, the coldest day of last year, thermometers showed minus 34,4 degrees in the Özalp district of Van. The second lowest temperature was recorded as minus 33,8 degrees in Van Çaldıran and in Ağrı Taşlıçay on the same day as minus 33,7 degrees.

The lowest temperature data measured in provincial centers was measured as minus 22 degrees on January 26,4 in Kars.

Mersin is the rainiest city

The highest total daily rainfall recorded in 2022 was recorded in Mersin Gülnar Konur village, and 29 kilograms of precipitation per square meter fell on 451,9 January.

The second highest amount of precipitation was measured at Samsun Ladik Akdağ Ski Center station with 12 kilograms per square meter on 388,8 March. The third highest rainfall was reflected in the data as 15 kilograms per square meter on 383,5 March in Adana Saimbeyli Halilbeyli village.

As the provincial center, on August 5, 140,7 kilograms of precipitation per square meter was recorded in Rize.

The highest snow depth was measured in Kartalkaya on March 3

According to the data of the General Directorate of Meteorology, the highest snow depth is 3 centimeters at Kartalkaya Ski Center on 235 March, the second highest snow depth is 14 centimeters at Rize İkizdere Ovit Plateau on 226 March, and the third highest snow depth is Aşkale Kop Mountain. It measured 221 centimeters.

Among the provincial centers, the highest snow height was reflected in the data as 24 centimeters in Bitlis on March 227.

The wind blew fastest in Niğde

Last year's wind measurements were also reflected in the data. On August 2, the day with the fastest wind, the wind at Ulukışla Bolkar Mountain in Niğde was measured as 175,3 kilometers per hour. The second highest wind speed was recorded at 18 kilometers per hour in Kayseri Talas Ali Mountain on April 29 and Bilecik Söğüt on June 172,8.

In the provincial centers, the highest wind measurement record was measured in Batman on January 19 at 101,9 kilometers per hour.

In sea water temperatures, the highest temperature was 5 degrees in Antalya Konyaaltı New Port Lighthouse on August 32,9, and the lowest temperature was 14 degrees in Trabzon Harbor Main Breakwater Lighthouse on 1,9 January.

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