2022 Ships Polluting the Sea in Mersin in 13 Fined

The Ship Polluting the Sea in Mersin Yilinda Sent a Fine
2022 Ships Polluting the Sea in Mersin in 13 Fined

📩 02/01/2023 16:04

The teams affiliated to Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department inspected 2022 ships in 3 and imposed administrative sanctions on 890 ships found to be polluting the sea.

Pollution rate of Mersin sea has decreased by half

Maritime Services and Inspection Department teams both collect solid wastes in their areas of duty and inspect possible pollution that may be caused by ships approaching the port or waiting in the open. In addition to routine inspections, the teams also carry out inspections upon the notification of the citizens.

Inspections with 3 marine inspection vehicles, a sea sweeper and a sea inspection boat are carried out from the air with a drone with both day and night vision. Administrative fines are imposed on boats and vessels found to be polluting the sea.

A total of 2022 ships were inspected throughout 3, and administrative fines were imposed on 890 ships. The inspections have been a deterrent for the polluting ships and the pollution rate of Mersin sea has decreased by half.

We are on Mission for a Cleaner Mediterranean

Öztürk: “Our aim is to prevent sea pollution”

Gökhan Öztürk, an inspection officer at the Department of Environmental Protection Control, Maritime Services and Inspection Branch, gave information about the inspection service and said, “Inspections are carried out on a 7/24 basis throughout the year. In this regard, only Istanbul, Kocaeli, Antalya and Mersin Metropolitan Municipalities have authority in Turkey. Our unit has carried out this inspection for 225 days this year, as long as the weather conditions allow. While 3 ships were inspected, administrative sanctions were imposed on 890 ships.

Emphasizing that their aim is to prevent the sea before it is polluted, Öztürk emphasized that the inspections significantly reduce the pollution rate and said, “Our aim is to prevent the pollution caused by ships, especially in the port area of ​​our city. Restaurant boats and fishing boats are also under our control. Larger pollution is mostly caused by large ships entering and leaving Mersin Port, where the traffic is heavy. All our audits that we have done over the years are recorded. Thanks to the strict controls made from the air and we have done, sea pollution has decreased by half in recent years.

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