Mersin is Ready for the Literature Festival

Ready for Mersin Literature Festival
Mersin is Ready for the Literature Festival

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality brings another festival to the city under the leadership of Mayor Vahap Seçer. In the city, which takes on the atmosphere of festivals, this time the 'Mersin Literature Festival' is held. The festival, where the preparations have been completed, will take place between 13-15 January with the participation of valuable poets and writers from Mersin and Turkey. The people of Mersin will enjoy a festival full of art by meeting for 3 days at the Metropolitan Municipality Congress and Exhibition Center, the address of the festival, for poetry concerts, workshops and talks.

Before the festival, Turkey's most beautiful reading hall will be put into service

Before the festival; The opening of Turkey's most beautiful reading hall at the zero point of the sea, which was completed by the Metropolitan Municipality in the Culture Park, will also be opened. The 8th reading hall 'Address Reading Hall', which was brought to the city by President Vahap Seçer, who attaches great importance to education and youth, will be opened with the participation of the writer Ahmet Ümit, and will be put at the disposal of the people of Mersin. In the structure with a capacity of 150 people, which citizens of all ages can benefit from free of charge; digital reading room, 16 computers and 10 thousand books in different categories. In addition, citizens who come to the 'Address Reading Room' will be able to benefit from tea, coffee and internet services free of charge.

Özdülger: “We are crowning literature with such a festival in Mersin”

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Department of Culture and Social Affairs Coordinator and Opera Artist Bengi İspir Özdülger stated that they are excited about the 'Mersin Literature Festival', which will be held for the first time this year. Stating that they have completed the preparations for the festival, Özdülger said, “Mersin Literature Festival is a work that we really care about and we are proud and happy to be doing it. It was our sine qua non for literature, one of the most important disciplines of the arts, to be crowned with such a festival in Mersin. Because we are one of the lucky cities that have raised and hosted many important poets and writers.”

“As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are aware of the unifying power of festivals”

Expressing that poetry concerts, workshops and interviews will be held throughout the festival, Özdülger said, “Of course, music is one of the important branches of art. There will also be a concert of works composed by famous poets. This is a festival that will pass to the fullest. As Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, we are aware of the unifying power of festivals. Just as we felt in the organization of the 'Youth Festival', as we did at the 'International Tarsus Festival', the 'Mersin Literature Festival' will be a valuable work that excites us and that we believe will continue to resonate in the city for a long time.

“We want our city to be remembered as a city of literature as well”

Özdülger said that as Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, they are aware of how important cultural and artistic works are and that these works should be disseminated to the public in every way. Özdülger said, “We want our city to be referred to as a city of literature, because we know that it deserves it. At this point, we will have the opportunity to be with very important poets and writers as art lovers from Mersin during the 13-day festival that will take place on January 14, 15 and 3.”

Expressing that there will be firsts in the festival, Özdülger said, "İlyas Halil Story Award", the poetry competition award organized in the name of "Guide Aydın", one of Mersin's precious poets, the "Mersin from Generation to Generation with Stories" Memoir-Story Award and the "Mersin Novel Award" organized for the second time this year. He also informed that they will be delivered to their owners within the scope of the festival. Stating that the festival will host an exhibition of the book covers of poets and writers from Mersin, Özdülger invited all art lovers living in Mersin to the festival.

prof. Sakallı: “We wanted Mersin to meet its own art community”

Stating that the theme of the festival will be 'Encounters', Mersin University Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Member of the Department of Comparative Literature and Mersin Literature Festival Coordinator Prof. Dr. Cemal Sakallı, on the other hand, said, “With the encounters, we said 'Mersin should meet the writers living in Mersin'. In other words, we said 'Mersin should meet its own art world and art community' and I think we succeeded in that. Regarding the theme of the festival, at the same time; We wanted art lovers to see what they encountered with the writers during their writing, and the things that inspired their writing. On this occasion, we invited our very good, well-read writers and poets here.”

“We will celebrate Nazım Hikmet's birthday together with poets”

Stating that the famous writer Ahmet Ümit will be at the opening of the festival, Prof. Dr. Sakallı said that on the second day, Şebnem İşigüzel, Gürsel Korat and Kemal Varol, and on the third day Müge İplikçi and Nursel Durul will come together with literature lovers from Mersin as part of the festival. prof. Dr. Cemal Sakallı said, “January 2, the last day of our festival, is also Nazım Hikmet's birthday. We will celebrate Nazım Hikmet's birthday together with the poets and we will organize a very nice art event and literature festival for the dear people of Mersin.”

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