Project to Reveal the Magnificence of Malabadi Bridge Started

Project to Reveal the Magnificence of Malabadi Bridge Has Begun
Project to Reveal the Magnificence of Malabadi Bridge Started

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has started landscaping works on the historical Malabadi Bridge, which is on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Tentative List.

The magnificence of the Malabadi Bridge, which is located in the Silvan district of the Metropolitan Municipality and was built in 1147 during the Artuqid period, and which has made important contributions to the cultural and technical accumulation that paved the way for the construction of the Mostar Bridge and Sokullu Mehmet Pasha Bridge, which were included in the World Heritage List in Bosnia and Herzegovina. started work to find out.

Within the scope of the project prepared by the Department of Parks and Gardens, a cafeteria, walking path, children's playground, observation terrace, stepped seating and resting areas will be built in an area of ​​24 thousand square meters.

In the project, where the infrastructure works have started, an area of ​​​​14 thousand 500 square meters will be used as a green area with different types of trees, shrubs and flowers. 4 thousand square meters of walking paths will be built with different stone pavement types.

The glory of Malabadi can be watched from the observation deck

A 210 square meter viewing terrace will be built to allow visitors to enjoy the splendor of the historical Malabadi Bridge, which has the widest arch among stone bridges.

In the area where the arrangement will be made, a 400 square meter cafeteria and playgroups for children will be placed for the visitors to rest.

In order to ensure the healthy growth of green areas, the teams will build an 80 square meter water tank in the area determined within the scope of the project.

“The Malabadi Bridge, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list, will become even more recognizable”

Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Abdullah Çiftçi made an examination on the Malabadi Bridge and received information about the works.

Explaining the restoration works in the historical buildings in the city, Çiftçi said that the most important restoration and tourism processes in the history of the Republic are continuing in Diyarbakır.

The farmer said:

“In this context, an important restoration process has started on the city walls of Diyarbakır and it is 50 percent complete. 37 of our signs were included in the scope of the tender and work continues on the restoration of other signs. There is a serious effort to restore the historical registered buildings in the city wall. The restoration processes of 347 registered buildings have reached an important stage. Zerzevan Castle There is an effort to increase the number of tourists for the Zerzevan Castle, which is on the UNESCO temporary heritage list. The tender for the welcome center was made by our Metropolitan Municipality and work will begin as of last week.”

Stating that this work, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list, will be brought to light with its magnificence and splendor, together with the landscaping works of the Malabadi Bridge, Çiftçi said that an important stage will be reached in terms of sharing it with all the nations of the world.

“As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are making a serious effort at the point of revealing the beauties of this work, and with the project we are doing, we are working on transforming the surrounding of this bridge into a private area, a promenade and a promenade. It was tendered for a price of 24 million 600 thousand liras, and this project is aimed to be completed within 180 days.”

Emphasizing that more tourists will come to the region with the work of the Metropolitan Municipality, Çiftçi said:

“The Malabadi Bridge, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage tentative list, will become more recognizable and when it will be included in the UNESCO World Heritage main list in the future, an equipment that will meet the needs of all future tourists will have gained a social reinforcement area. This will be an important opportunity for the bridge to survive and protect it from now on. We aim for the project to be completed and put into operation by the summer season. When it is finished, it will reveal the great splendor of both our Silvan district and the Malabadi Bridge. Here, tourists will have a special area where they can watch and see the beauty and magnificence of this culture, benefit from the area and easily see the Batman Stream and the Malabadi Bridge.

Malabadi bridge

One of the monumental engineering and architectural masterpieces, the bridge, which was built on the Batman Stream in the Silvan district and located on the Diyarbakır-Tabriz Caravan Road route, is 7 meters wide and 150 meters long. With its 40,86-meter pointed arch, it is the longest stone arch bridge in the world.

There are two rooms on both sides of the historical bridge, which is among the rarest works in the world and has been standing for 9 centuries, used as shelters by passengers.

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