Protective Healing Storage of Winter Season: Niz Olive Fig Cure

Protective Healing Storage of Winter Season Niz Olive Fig Dried
Protective Healing Warehouse of Winter Season Niz Olive Fig Cure

Along with a balanced diet, the protective properties of the foods consumed play an active role in order to increase the body's resistance and take precautions against diseases with the cooling of the weather. Offering products produced from the most natural form of olive to its consumers, Niz Olive adds “fig cure” to its winter season recipe. Bringing Niz Olive's early harvest olive oil and Germencik figs together in the same jar, the fig cure is the most natural medicine for winter with its vitamins B2, B3, B6, C and K.

The winter season, when the body is more vulnerable to diseases, reveals various health problems, especially flu, colds and throat infections. In cold weather, when a balanced and regular diet alone is not enough, supplementary foods rich in various vitamins also help to increase body resistance. Niz Olive, which adds flavor to the dishes with the olive oil produced from the world-famous geographically marked Memecik olives, provides protection against winter diseases with a fig cure. Niz Olive, which presents the fig cure, which is also included in the Little Medicine Book written centuries ago by Ibn Sina, who is known as the Piri and Ruler of physicians, offers healing with vitamins B2, B3, B6, C and K. The cure, in which early harvest olive oil meets with the Germencik fig, helps to regulate the intestinal flora as well as protect the body against diseases.

No winter diseases with a spoonful of fig cure a day

The fig cure, which acts as a natural recipe with the potassium, sodium and magnesium elements in its content, is a natural solution for those who have frequent constipation problems. Especially during the winter months, if a teaspoon is consumed regularly every morning on an empty stomach, the cure turns into an antioxidant source and also relieves chronic cough in a short time. Since it is a natural fiber source, the minerals and vitamins contained in the cure, which prevent the growth of cancerous cells, accelerate the body's metabolism while protecting heart health.

Niz Olive fig cure is presented to the consumer in a 420 gram glass jar.

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