If it is mandatory to go out in dirty weather, a mask should be used.

If it is necessary to go out in dirty weather, a mask should be used.
If it is mandatory to go out in dirty weather, a mask should be used.

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Hospital Anesthesia and Reanimation Specialist Prof. Dr. Anış Arıboğan evaluated the effects of foggy and especially polluted air on lung diseases.

Stating that the organ that polluted air most affects is the lung, Prof. Dr. Anış Arıboğan said, “Unfortunately, polluted air is a cost of the comfort we have achieved. It is a serious negativity brought to our lives by an easier life style, which we call both in the field of industry and urbanization. The organ most affected by polluted air is the lung. We are creatures that need air and oxygen. Oxygen is essential for us and the only place we can get it is air. If we do not get enough oxygen in the air, and if we meet with gases and particles, which we call extremely toxic and irritating, just for the sake of breathing, we are poisoning ourselves and making ourselves sick.” said.

Stating that polluted air has negative effects on many lung diseases, Prof. Dr. Anış Arıboğan said, “People with lung disease are most affected by air pollution. Patients who have had pneumonia due to Covid-19 can be adversely affected. Recurrent lung infections can occur from air pollution. There may be patients who apply to the hospital with complaints such as irritant airways, not being able to breathe, and a feeling of suffocation. A child patient or an adult being followed up with allergic lung complaints due to air pollution may also experience problems. Smelly exhaust gases, adherent particles from the fog, or any material in the house, such as parquet polishes, deodorants, perfumes, will make lung diseases worse. The end result is hospital care, pneumonia, closure of the airways. It can also go as far as respiratory support in the intensive care unit.” warned.

Making suggestions to lung patients on how to move in these weathers, Prof. Dr. Anış Arıboğan said, “A problem with our lungs may be a chronic process associated with air pollution, or it may be a disease that arises out of air pollution. For example, you have had lung cancer surgery or you have a diagnosis of asthma or you have children with allergic airways. First of all, you will pay attention to your lifestyle. Air pollution is actually a chronic process. We can be poisoned both externally and internally. However, what we are talking about right now are acute situations, especially in winter, which are added to by special circumstances such as warming. Exposure needs to be reduced.” he warned.

Emphasizing that people with any lung problems, a diagnosis or a previous disease should stay away from areas where exhaust gas is high, Prof. Dr. Anış Arıboğan continued her words as follows:

“These people should stay away from train stations, thermal power plants, crowded and heavy smoking areas. Your house and your residential conditions should be a little further away from factories and traffic gases, which cause air pollution. It is important to have environments open to fresh air. Apart from that, you have to be very careful in your fuel selection and heating conditions. Your food conditions and the gases you use for food should be chosen correctly. However, these refer to a more chronic process. For example, there are low-calorie coals that we use for heating. They release sulfur gas, which is a very toxic substance. We already notice it in the city, it is an extremely irritating, different and sharp smell. We have to stay away from them. The right fuel is something that dominates our lives. Small benefits can cause problems that affect our lives. Let's stay away from traffic conditions and crowds if possible. Let's not refrain from being careful, especially in our fuel-related choices, and let's be careful.”

Noting that air pollution is a situation that needs to be monitored, the relevant ministries and public health experts make continuous measurements. Dr. Anış Arıboğan said, “When the number of particles exceeds a certain value, it warns when the toxic gas ratio rises above a certain level. This is the method used in many developed countries today and their first advice to people is not to go out. For example, they stop outdoor sports activities and encourage children and the elderly to stay at home.

Stating that there are two important groups that need to be protected from polluted air, these are children and the elderly. Dr. Anış Arıboğan said, “They may have low lung capacities and inadequate immune systems. Especially in the elderly, if chronic circulatory system and neurological problems are added, we recommend that these people be careful in places with high air pollution and stay at home as much as possible. We ask that media organs pay attention to the warnings they make about air pollution.” she said.

Recommending the use of masks to reduce contact with particles or gases in the air, Prof. Dr. Anış Arıboğan said, “If it has become mandatory to leave the house, you should wear a mask for your health. N95 masks are recommended for these situations. The mask is a very important protection. You should stay away from the outside, the working environment should be constantly ventilated, and appropriate filters should be used for air conditioning in air-conditioned environments.

Noting that the lung capacity can be increased, Prof. Dr. Anis Arıboğan continued:

“For this, I recommend that patients with chronic lung problems or those with a diagnosis should stay away from the environment, pay attention to their breathing treatments and not go out. However, appropriate breathing exercises and sports also increase the lung capacity. In particular, walking that will increase lung capacity or exercises related to the upper body area will benefit from opening the existing closed airways. Thus, while changing the surface associated with the toxic substance, it will benefit the activation of healthy lungs and more oxygen to our body and brain.”

Noting that there are blown devices called triflo that increase the lung capacity, Prof. Dr. Anış Arıboğan said, “They are simple but very effective applications. You can also increase lung capacity by blowing them. You can learn its use from physiotherapists or on the internet. Meditation is also a method. Because deep breathing exercises in meditation are very powerful practices that increase lung capacity.

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