Keçiören Hisar Mahallesi Indoor Sports Hall Foundations Laid

The Foundations of Kecioren Hisar Mahallesi Indoor Sports Hall were laid
Keçiören Hisar Mahallesi Indoor Sports Hall Foundations Laid

The groundbreaking ceremony of Hisar Mahallesi Indoor Sports Hall and Sports Complex, which was built by Keçiören Municipality in Hisar District in the district, was attended by AK Party Ankara Deputy Emrullah İşler, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok, ABB Assembly Deputy Chairman Fatih Ünal, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations. was attended by. At the ceremony, the first concrete was thrown by pressing the button of the concrete mixer together with the citizens.

Speaking to the participants at the groundbreaking ceremony, Keçiören Mayor Turgut Altınok said, “We are bringing a new work, a new service to Bağlum. The basis of a healthy life is sports. Our children will play sports here. In addition, we will have brought 11 indoor sports halls to our Keçiören. Our service caravan continues non-stop. We put asphalt worth 100 million liras in four neighborhoods in Bağlum alone. We are renovating our Bağlum Stadium with a cost of 27 million TL.” said.

Altınok, who gave information about other investments made in the Keçiören Bağlum region, said:

“We also had a National Garden project for Bağlum. From time to time, our citizens ask 'what happened'. Tender has been made twice, but when the companies cannot do this, the tender will be held again. We met with our Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Mr. Murat Kurum. He said to us, 'What can we do for Keçiören, Keçiören is our flagship, the tender for the National Garden will be held again'. We will make a contribution to Keçiören and Ankara by building a 444-decare National Garden here. Karşıyaka Our mansion work continues in our neighborhood. At the same time, we opened our heated and cooled market areas. Our roads in Bağlum were very bad. We put 26 tons of asphalt only in Hisar Mahallesi. We continue to make works and services without saying snow and winter. What does our President say, 'There is no stopping; keep running, keep running.' This is our support. We would also like to thank our Minister of Youth and Sports, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, who contributed greatly to the construction of both this sports facility and other sports facilities. Turkey is experiencing its brightest period in terms of establishment in sports. The municipality with the most sports facilities and the most parks is Keçiören Municipality. Our Kösrelik Recreation Area, which is close to here, is 500 decares. We have expropriated 179 million TL here. We will be opening soon. There is no library, no walking path, which the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality laid the foundation and opened. We opened 20 new libraries. Keçiören Municipality produces more works and services with less budget than the Metropolitan Municipality. The vehicle we bought is worth 8 million TL. We continue to equip our Keçiören with works and services.”

AK Party Ankara Deputy Emrullah İşler also stated that Keçiören Municipality has provided important works and services and said, “Our President talks about the services, but it does not end. We do not do perception municipality but fact municipality, that is, service municipality. Almost every week, an opening invitation comes from Keçiören Municipality. We can't keep up with the openings in Keçiören. This is a town with a population of one million. Our President equips Keçiören with parks, market areas and sports facilities. Our families should direct their children to these sports facilities. We need to raise new generations who grow up in every way. We came from the slum. So is our president. We studied, worked and tried, we came to these offices by scratching with our nails. In this respect, dear mothers, dear fathers, let's make an effort to raise our children well. Because they will also rule Turkey in these offices tomorrow.” he said.

When the sports facility is completed, there will be many sections such as gyms, fencing training hall, martial arts training hall, wrestling training hall, table tennis training hall.

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