The Deed Process of the Houses to be Built around Kanal Istanbul has been started

The Deed Process of the Houses to be Built Around Kanal Istanbul Has Been Started
The Deed Process of the Houses to be Built around Kanal Istanbul has been started

The zoning application, which will pave the way for obtaining construction permits by determining the net land titles of 27 thousand 250 residences to be built in Arnavutköy Baklalı, which is planned to be built around Kanal Istanbul, has been approved.

According to the news of Özlem Güvemli from SÖZCÜ; “The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change covers 3 thousand 750 residences in Arnavutköy district and the Social Housing Project for the year 2022; In 23, he started the zoning process of the construction of 500 social housing in the city. The Ministry approved Istanbul on March 2021, 25 and the plans were finalized on October 2021, 28.

As of 3194 December 18, the Ministry also approved the zoning application prepared in accordance with the approved implementation zoning plans, pursuant to the 29th article of the Zoning Law No. 2022. The zoning application, which was suspended on January 3, 2023, can be appealed for one month.


This process, known as Article 18 implementation, is the stage where net land titles are determined. After this zoning application is suspended for 1 month and finalized, it is sent to the land registry office for registration. If the application of the 18th article is registered, the construction permit phase is passed and the construction begins.


The suspended zoning application covers the Baklalı region of Arnavutköy. TOKİ plans to build social housing in this region in 5 stages. To date, TOKİ has repeatedly canceled the tenders for housing constructions due to the high bids.

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