The Share of Environmentalist Transportation Increases in Public Transportation in İzmir

The Share of Environmental Transportation in Public Transport Increases in Izmir
The Share of Environmentalist Transportation Increases in Public Transportation in İzmir

The share of environmentally friendly transportation is increasing in public transportation in İzmir. There was an increase of more than 60 percent in the number of passengers in the metro and tram compared to the previous year. Nearly 130 million passengers were transported in one year. On the other hand, the number of bicycle passengers on the İZDENİZ ships increased by 152 percent. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer“We will continue to provide punctual, fast and comfortable service,” he said.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn the last year, the share of sea and rail systems in public transportation has been increased in line with the sustainable transportation target of . Despite the economic crisis, in 2022, when historical investments were made in rail systems, especially with the end of the pandemic, the people of İzmir preferred to use metro, tram, ship and bicycle.

The President, who encourages the people of Izmir to environmentally friendly transportation at every opportunity Tunç Soyer“We have now entered a new era in public transportation. We have set a zero carbon target in 2050 for a healthy tomorrow. We are implementing alternative, sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation investments one by one.” President Soyer stated that they will become stronger in this field with new investments and continued his words as follows: “We have started to reap the fruits of our efforts. The figures show that our citizens prefer public transportation more. We see that the use of electric scooters and bicycles is increasing rapidly for transportation purposes. We will continue to provide punctual, fast and comfortable service in 2023 on the way to carry these developments even further.”

Frequency increased, boarding increased

Izmir Metro

In the metro line operated by İzmir Metro A.Ş., which is affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, the frequency of departures during rush hour has been reduced to every three minutes. On weekends, the metro owl services integrated with ESHOT buses also provide 24-hour uninterrupted public transportation service. The number of boarding passes in the Izmir Metro, which was 2021 million 58 thousand in 749; In 2022, it reached 60 million 94 thousand with an increase of 321 percent.

Mansion and Karşıyaka There were similar increases in trams. In 2021, the number of trams boarding was 20 million 70 thousand. In 2022, this figure increased by 65 percent to 33 million 126 thousand. It is predicted that the boarding numbers will increase even more with the introduction of Çiğli Tram in March.

There is a 46 percent increase in İZDENİZ


The people of Izmir also showed great interest in sea transportation, whose fleet was renewed and voyages were increased up to every 15 minutes. The number of boarding passes of İZDENİZ, which was 2021 million 10 thousand in 741, increased by 2022 percent in 46 and rose to 15 million 653 thousand. In the last year, 1 million 299 thousand vehicles crossed the gulf by sea transportation in the car ferries.

The number of cyclists increased from 94 thousand to 239 thousand

IZDENIZ cyclist

As of September 1, 2020, a record increase was observed in bicycle transportation following the decision that cyclists will benefit from ferry services within the gulf for 5 cents. The number of İZDENİZ bicycle passengers, which was 2021 thousand 94 in 787, increased by 152 percent to 239 thousand 534.

Distribution in public transportation

In 2022, approximately 471 million rides were made on all public transportation vehicles in İzmir. 37 percent was made for rail systems and 3 percent for ships.

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