Important Regulations in Water Tariffs in Izmir

Important Regulation on Water Tariffs in Izmir
Important Regulations in Water Tariffs in Izmir

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate took a decision to reduce the discounted water tariffs in the settlements, which fall under the law numbered 6360 and 5216, to be reflected to the subscribers throughout the city.

The 50 percent and 75 percent discounted tariffs applied in villages and towns that have become neighborhood status are abolished in line with the reports of the Court of Accounts. The İZSU General Directorate will reflect the income increase that will occur with the new regulation as a discount to the subscribers throughout the city. A 7% discount will be made in the first-stage water tariffs of residential and non-residential subscribers. For subscribers in the agriculture and livestock tariff, the 75 percent discount application will continue.

The General Directorate of İZSU decided to remove the discounted water tariffs applied so far in the towns and villages that fell within its jurisdiction with the Law No. 5216 and 6360 due to the relevant legal obligation and the Court of Accounts' warnings in this regard. With the decision taken, the water tariff applied in metropolitan districts in the city center of İzmir will be valid in these settlements as well. With the law amendment made in 2019, the discounted tariffs applied in settlements that turned from villages and towns to neighborhoods were abolished.

The revenue increase will be reflected as a discount to all subscribers.

İZSU has decided to reflect the income increase that will be reflected to the institution from the tariffs that have been changed as per the law, equally to all citizens. The change to be implemented at the first general assembly will provide a 7 percent discount on first-stage water tariffs for residential and non-residential subscriptions. All citizens of Izmir will benefit from the new regulation.

Agricultural production support will continue

President Tunç SoyerWithin the framework of 'Another Agriculture is Possible' vision, the 75 percent discounted tariffs of subscribers engaged in agricultural and animal production in towns and villages will continue.

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