Folk Bread Price in Izmir Was 4 TL

People's Bread Price in Izmir Became TL
Folk Bread Price in Izmir Was 4 TL

The prices of the breads produced by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory were adjusted. Due to the increasing input costs, 3 grams of normal bread, which is 210 TL, will be sold as 4 TL from tomorrow.

In order to offer healthy and cheap bread to the citizens, the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has regulated the prices of the breads it produces at the Halk Bread Factory, which is affiliated with Grand Plaza Gıda Turizm A.Ş. Accordingly, 210 grams of normal bread will be sold at Halk Ekmek kiosks for 10 TL from tomorrow (January 2023, 4). The arrangement was made considering the increase of more than 65 percent in input costs, especially electricity and natural gas, in the new year.

Through the People's Bread Factory, over 150 thousand breads are delivered to citizens every day in İzmir.

Günceleme: 09/01/2023 16:30

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