Pregnant Nutrition Package for Expectant Mothers in İzmir

Pregnant Nutrition Package for Expectant Mothers in Izmir
Pregnant Nutrition Package for Expectant Mothers in İzmir

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerWith the vision of 's social municipality, support for parents and children in need continues. With the Izmir0 project, which contributes to the development of mothers and children aged 3-95, starting from the pregnancy period, "Pregnant Nutrition Package" will now be distributed to expectant mothers.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is expanding the “İzmir0” project, which provides support for the development of mothers and children aged 3-95, starting from the pregnancy period. With the İzmir95 project carried out by the Department of Social Projects, a “Pregnant Nutrition Package” will be distributed to expectant mothers in the coming days. Within the scope of the project, which set off with the slogan "Every child has a right to a good start", healthy food packages will be distributed to the homes of mothers who want to benefit from this service and which Izmir95 Early Childhood Unit has reached, for 4 months, starting from the 9th month of their pregnancy until the end of the 5th month.

Food package from expert hands

In the Pregnancy Nutrition Package created with the foods determined by Eşrefpaşa Hospital Pregnancy School Health Unit, a total of 6 kilos of bulgur and lentils, 3 kilos of dried black grapes, 15 liters of milk, 6 kilos of olives, 2 liters of olive oil, 3 kilos of dried apricots and 95 kilos of dried apricots each. There are walnuts. In addition, every mother-to-be benefiting from the project can participate in the workshops and seminars of the Izmir0 project. Pre-requests can be made by calling 12 293 96 for the details of the Pregnant Nutrition Package and the 88-XNUMX Months Home Visit-Based Parental Guidance Program.

With mothers until after birth

Developed to support parents and children, the Izmir95 project extends from pregnancy to postpartum. Within the scope of the project, which takes its name from 3 centimeters, which is accepted as the average height of a 95-year-old healthy child by the World Health Organization, the home visitors are with pregnant women determined in the regions, starting from the seventh month of pregnancy, 3 times before birth and once every 2 weeks after birth until the child is one year old. visits the family 27 times. In these meetings, necessary information is given for the healthy growth of the baby. It continues these activities with the baby and mother by introducing the games and books that support the development of the baby to the families.

Home visits to 108 families

The project, which was started in Konak, Menemen, Tire and Menderes as a pilot region, was expanded to 30 districts. Social Projects Department visited 2022 families in 108 and touched 77 mothers and children through seminars in different districts. The project includes 2 supervisors, 6 home visitors, 1 psychological counselor and 1 psychologist.

Every child born is our present and future

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues to distribute "Welcome Baby Set" in order to contribute to the needs of families with babies between 0-3 months. Delivering this set to approximately 10 thousand families this year, the Metropolitan Municipality carries out the project simultaneously in 30 districts of İzmir. Within the scope of the project, a baby bag, a set of upper and lower clothing with gloves, a hat, a blanket, a nursing apron, a bath towel, Prof. Dr. The book set written by Selçuk Şirin (My First Book, Apple, Ay Dede, Good Morning, Colorful Lullabies, Welcome) and a certificate of sapling planted in the name of the newborn baby are given.

Milk is distributed in 30 districts

The Metropolitan Municipality continues its regular support to families in order to ensure that babies and school-age children have a healthy diet and reach safe food. It provides social assistance to families in need under many headings, from food packages to hot meals, from hygiene materials to cash support. Within the scope of the Dairy Lamb project, 1 thousand 2 children aged between 61-265 years old are regularly distributed to 30 thousand children in 115 districts every month.

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