32 Thousand Stray Dogs Are Microchipped in Izmir

Microcip Installed In A Thousand Street Dog In Izmir
32 Thousand Stray Dogs Are Microchipped in Izmir

Continuing its efforts to register dogs living on the street, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has microchipped 5 thousand good friends in the last 32 years.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Veterinary Affairs Branch Office continues its efforts to register the dear friends living on the street. Teams have microchipped 32 dogs over the past five years.

With the law, animals living in houses were also required to be registered by their owners using digital identification method. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry had delivered the microchips registered to the Ministry to the District Directorates of Agriculture and private veterinary clinics for the registration of cats and dogs living in homes.

Günceleme: 03/01/2023 10:45

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