Sensor-Based Intelligent Signaling System Commissioned in Isparta

Sensor Based Intelligent Signaling System Commissioned in Isparta
Sensor-Based Intelligent Signaling System Commissioned in Isparta

Isparta Municipality commissioned the loop sensor-based smart intersection system at 9 intersections with signalization to speed up the traffic flow. When there is no vehicle on the red-painted area created at the intersections, the green light does not turn on in that area and the time here is distributed to the other branches at the intersection.

After the mayor Şükrü Başdeğirmen took office, many practices were carried out in order to speed up the traffic flow in the city center and to save fuel and time. While making intersection arrangements in these applications, right turns were accelerated and new boulevards were created. In this way, relief was achieved in traffic flow at many points.

While 46 signaling systems are operated in the city center by Isparta Municipality Directorate of Transportation Services, a large part of the systems used for intersection management consists of smart intersection systems. All intersection signaling systems work in integration with the Traffic Control Center in the Transportation Services Directorate and remote interventions are made from this center when necessary.

Isparta Municipality has implemented a new system at 9 intersections in the city center. Red painted areas were created at the intersections determined in the application. The magnetic field placed in these painted areas works on a loop sensor basis that detects incoming vehicles. The system does not light the green light on the intersection arm where the vehicle does not come, and distributes the time to be given for this place to the other branches. The feedback lamp turns on when the vehicles are on the loop sensor in the red area. When this lamp is lit, feedback is given that the driver's request for passage is received. While the driver is waiting in the red-painted area with his vehicle, he moves with the green light on in case there is no vehicle on the other arms at the intersection or if it is their turn. If no standby is made on the red area, the green light does not turn on. The new system not only saves time and fuel, but also ensures that traffic is managed in a healthy and efficient manner. Information signs for drivers were also hung at the intersections where the system was applied.

Mehmet Ali Ersal, Director of Transportation Services of Isparta Municipality, said that in line with the instructions of Mayor Şükrü Başdeğirmen, they continue to introduce new applications in order to accelerate the traffic flow in the city and to prevent time loss and unnecessary waiting. Stating that a little bit of comfort is provided in the traffic with the controlled free passage system on right turns, Ersal said, “Now we have launched a new application. This application is a system that does not give the green time to the branches where there are no vehicles at the intersections and distributes that time to the other branches. In this way, we avoid unnecessary waiting. There are magnetic fields in the places we have identified with the red fields. When the vehicle comes over it, the system detects the vehicle, and with the feedback lamps for the driver, the system gives feedback that it has detected the vehicle and put it on hold. When the queue in the intersection comes to that branch, the green light is given to that branch. When there is no vehicle on the magnetic system, there is no green light in any way. In this way, the green light durations in other active arms are also increased. As vehicles pass through the magnetic field at some of our intersections, we have also activated our smart intersection systems that manage the demand according to the density by increasing the green time there. In this way, we have accelerated the traffic flow with systems with a strong infrastructure and higher reliability. These applications provide financial benefits. It also has benefits in terms of environmental pollution. By avoiding unnecessary waiting, we also prevent fuel savings and exhaust emissions from vehicles. It also saves time for our drivers. For this system to work, our drivers have to wait with their vehicles on the painted red areas. When waiting before the red area, the system will not detect the vehicles and will not give a green light there. That's why we ask our drivers to wait on the painted area."

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