Tips for Hiding Olive Oil from the Master

Tips for Hiding Olive Oil from the Master of the Business
Tips for Hiding Olive Oil from the Master

Olive oil, which is light, nutritious and protective, can lose its nutritional value due to wrong storage methods. Producing with the motto "Everyone deserves good olive oil", Niz Olive shows its sensitivity to the quality of olive oil at every step, while sharing its tips on storage conditions.

The quality of olive oil, which is one of the most durable oils thanks to the many antioxidants it contains, gains importance with due care from the first step of harvest to the last step in which it will be used and preserved. The conditions under which it is kept and stored until consumption after packaging also affect this quality. Producing at high standards in the journey of olive oil from the branch to the table, Niz Olive shares tricks for consumers to store their oils in the right conditions. While the most important factors during storage are light, temperature, air and time, providing suitable conditions increases the durability of olive oil and preserves its quality for a long time.

Pay attention to the "light", "temperature", "weather" and "time" conditions when storing olive oil!

It is important to store olive oil in its own packaging, away from moisture, at temperatures between 18°C ​​and 20°C, out of direct light, in terms of using olive oil for a long time while preserving its taste. While olive oil is stored in a colored glass package that does not absorb light in the best way, it should also be kept away from odorous environments. While the shelf life of an unopened olive oil is two years, it is among the key points to consume an olive oil that has been opened within two months in order not to lose its beneficial minerals. On the other hand, the usage period of filtered olive oils after opening the lid is extended up to one year. Keeping the olive oil in its original packaging tightly closed for later use in a cool and dry environment helps to preserve its taste until the end.

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