IMM's Goal is World Robot Races

IBB's Goal is World Robot Races
IMM's Goal is World Robot Races

A special group of 2022 people, consisting of 40 graduates of IMM Technology Workshops, will implement what they learned in national and international technology competitions. Students, who receive advanced training in artificial intelligence, robotic programming and design, will first push their limits at the Istanbul First Robotics Competition. He will then represent IMM in the World Robot Races.

IMM Technology Workshops, operating in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Boğaziçi University, gave 1.355 graduates last year. Students from Istanbul take part in 8 locations: Fatih Ali Emiri Cultural Center, Ümraniye Haldun Alagaş Sports Complex, Tuzla İdris Güllüce Cultural Center, Esenyurt Municipality Cultural Center, Bakırköy Cem Karaca Cultural Center, Beyoğlu Zemin Istanbul, Güngören İBB Erdem Beyazıt Cultural Center and Pendik Dolayoba. He took classes in workshops. Successfully completed courses such as mobile application development, artificial intelligence and robotics applications.


A special team of 40 people was formed among the students who graduated within the scope of the workshop. Students were determined according to their success scores in the exam held in the 2021-2022 period, their attendance to education, their participation in classes and the results of the exam held at the end of the year. 6 of the 7th and 20th grade students; A special team of 9 people in total was formed with the determination of 10 students from the 20th and 40th grade students. The advanced trainings that the teams will receive throughout the year on artificial intelligence, robotic programming and design have also started.


Students who start working in the special workshop created just for them at the Cemal Kamacı Sports Complex will participate in national and international competitions on behalf of IMM with their robot projects at the end of the training.


Students who will participate in the Istanbul First Robotics Competition (FRC) to be held between 23 and 26 March 2023 will be able to participate in the Ankara stage of the competition and the World Robot Races (WRO) to be held in Romania.

6th and 7th grade students will participate in competitions to be organized by elimination method. Students who will appear in the FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Tournaments (FLL), which will be held in Ankara and Izmir on different dates for the first time, will be entitled to participate in the America LEGO® League Challenge Tournament according to the points they will get from these competitions. Students will also be able to represent IMM in the 2023-2024 World Robot Races, which will be held in Germany independently of these tournaments.

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