Fropie's Lucuma Powder A 'Superfood' A Healthy Alternative To Sugar

Lucuma Fruit
Fropie's Lucuma Powder A 'Superfood' A Healthy Alternative To Sugar

Lucuma fruit, which grows wild in the valleys of the Andes and is known as the 'gold of the Incas', is among the natural foods that improve our health with its high nutritional content, fiber, beta-carotene and antioxidants, and many beneficial properties for our body. Bringing the lucuma fruit, a healthy and natural sugar alternative that stands out with its taste, to Turkey, Fropie continues to break new grounds.

According to radiocarbon dating, the first consumption of lucuma dates back 5 years. Since then, lucuma has emerged as one of the most consumed fruits. The fruit, which has a creamy and velvety texture, attracts attention among other healthy foods with its pleasant aroma and unique exotic taste. With its medium-high sugar content and intense taste, lucuma is seen as the perfect choice for those who want to satisfy their sweet cravings with natural products without added sugar. The domestic nutrition brand, which was the first to bring products such as brazil nut, maca powder, camu camu powder to Turkey, now continues to break new ground by adding lucuma to its product range.

Lucuma has become an indispensable part of dessert recipes, juices and smoothies.

Fropie R&D Engineer Büşra Demir, who stated that they researched 'super foods' in the world and brought them to Turkey with the aim of making healthy nutrition enjoyable and accessible in 2013, brought these innovative products to consumers who value healthy nutrition, and said the following about the lucuma fruit, which has numerous contributions to health:

“The powder form of lucuma fruit, which is defined in the superfood category, is a healthy sugar alternative, and its glycemic index is quite low compared to sugar. It is marketed as a superfood all over the world because it supports digestive health and contains large amounts of antioxidants. As Fropie, we were the first to bring lucuma to Turkey, similar to other fruits and seeds included in our products, such as Brazil nut, maca powder, camu camu powder. The powder form of the lucuma fruit, which has an avocado-like shape, a hard green peel and a taste reminiscent of caramel, attracts a lot of attention from our customers who care about healthy eating. Containing the micronutrients necessary for the functioning of the organism, lucuma powder is indispensable for healthy dessert recipes, fruit juices and smoothies. Our regular consumers say that our other product, raw cocoa powder and lucuma powder, go well together.”

“Tasty and healthy sugar alternative is also effective against high cholesterol”

Fropie R&D Engineer Büşra Demir emphasized the niacin content in lucuma, which is rich in beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C, potassium, iron and antioxidants:

“The niacin content of lucuma, which tastes much more delicious than other sweetener alternatives, should be specially mentioned. The available scientific literature confirms that this vitamin has beneficial effects in the prevention of dyslipidemia (high cholesterol and high triglyceride picture) when taken in appropriate doses. It supports the nervous system and reduces stress. The fact that lucuma is high in xanthophylls, a group of carotenoids responsible for its yellow color, also supports eye health. The lucuma fruit also has the ability to reduce the effects of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. In summary, regularly including lucuma powder in the diet prevents iron-deficiency anemia, improves liver function, stabilizes blood sugar, accelerates wound healing, strengthens immunity, reduces the effects of aging and reduces the risk of high cholesterol.”

Enhanced supply network for 'superfoods'

Stating that superfoods are defined as foods rich in nutrients and considered beneficial for health and healthy life according to the Oxford dictionary, Büşra Demir talked about her collaborations with the superfood supply company Voicevale with the following words:

“Superfoods like Lucuma are nutrient-rich and thought to help support your holistic health. At the beginning of 2019, we joined forces with Voicevale, the world's leading superfood, coffee and nut supplier, increasing our production power and providing direct access to the best, most natural product. In this way, we can follow the contents of our products to the field, and we continue to carry out all our procurement and production processes in human and nature-friendly conditions, in accordance with international food and environmental safety standards, with the assurance of Voicevale.”

Brings healthy snacks that can be consumed at any time to Turkey

Underlining that they support sustainability and boutique production and that they aim to continuously expand their product range with innovative products, Büşra Demir concluded her words as follows:

“We are expanding our product range day by day with good and natural products that can be consumed in every moment of life, from kombucha to probiotic bar, from coffee to nuts. It is exciting and pleasing to realize that we have become a big family over time with our ever increasing number of customers who believe in the power of good nutrition and being well. We invite everyone who has not met us yet and who wants to eat well, to try our natural and delicious formulas, which we produce without using any preservatives or additives, with the ingredients we obtain from the best suppliers in Turkey and the world.”

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