Students Held a Book Reading Activity on the Tram in Eskişehir

Students in Eskisehir Held a Book Reading Activity on the Tram
Students Held a Book Reading Activity on the Tram in Eskişehir

Within the scope of the social responsibility project organized by Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, Estram and Gazi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, students held a book reading activity on the tram and distributed books to the passengers.

The Metropolitan Municipality and Estram, which have signed social responsibility projects with various non-governmental organizations, schools and institutions, continue their awareness activities without interruption. Finally, students who are members of the Gazi Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School librarian club held a book reading and book distribution event on the tram.

The students, who got on the tram with books in their hands and signs saying "People read everywhere", "The truth of life in the book", "Read a book, texture the future", "The book fills the gaps", were greeted with interest by the passengers. Students and teachers read excerpts from Richard Bach's The Seagull and distributed the collected books to passengers. Later, passengers and students traveled together, reading books. Expressing that they want to implement such a project in order to make people acquire the habit of reading books, the students thanked the Metropolitan Municipality and Estram officials for their support.

Stating that the habit of reading books is very low in the society, the students said, “A book should be with us in urban public transportation, intercity journeys, trams, trains, busses, in short, everywhere and every moment. Unfortunately, the number of people who read books is gradually decreasing in common points. The book is the best friend, let's not leave it with us." they said. Passengers on the tram also thanked the authorities and students for the meaningful event.

Günceleme: 16/01/2023 16:17

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