ESKİ Provided Water Conservation Training to 3 Children

OLD Taught Water Saving Training to Thousand Children
ESKİ Provided Water Conservation Training to 3 Children

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of Water and Sewerage Administration (ESKİ) reached 4 students in 3 months with the water saving trainings it started as of September.

The Public Relations Unit of the ESKİ General Directorate continues to provide water saving trainings in order to raise awareness about the conscious use of water to children.

ESKİ, which carried out the trainings at Drinking Water Treatment Plants and schools, helped children aged 4-14 gain awareness on the importance of water, protection of water resources, conscious water consumption, water footprint and water conservation.

The students who were visited in the schools were given the opportunity to purify the dirty water with the “Simple Filter Experiment”, and the school groups visiting the Drinking Water Treatment Facilities of the ESKİ General Directorate were given the opportunity to observe the stages of the water flowing from the fountain until it reaches the houses.

Oğuzhan Özen, General Manager of ESKİ, said, “We provide training on water conservation to children who are entrusted with our future. The main purpose of our trainings is to consume water correctly and to ensure that this awareness is gained at an early age. As demands come, we, as ESKİ, will continue to provide these trainings to our children.” said.

After the training, water hero badges were presented to the children in order to support water saving task schedules and to be more active in their environment for the conscious consumption of water entrusted to future generations.

Günceleme: 08/01/2023 14:08

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