2022 Summary of Wind Playing a Leading Role in the Energy Transition

Summary of Winds Playing a Leading Role in the Energy Transition
2022 Summary of Wind Playing a Leading Role in the Energy Transition

Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın emphasized that the investments to be made in wind energy are of great importance so that the world can breathe more easily in the future and shared the 2022 summary of the wind, which is the leading role of the energy transition.

The global wind industry had its second best year, with around 2020 GW of capacity added globally, just 1,8 percent behind record growth in 94. Country Energy General Manager Ali Aydın, who provides a wide range of services to wind power plants in Turkey and abroad, emphasizing that wind should be given more importance for clean and sustainable environmental conditions, states that the importance of renewable energy sources, especially wind, will increase in the coming years.

2022 summary of the wind

“Wind tender activities increased”

Wind tender activities increased by 153% compared to previous years. With more than 88 GW of new wind capacity worldwide, the wind has shined this year.

“Market outlook of the global wind industry remains positive”

After a year of net zero commitment gaining global momentum, coupled with renewed urgency to ensure energy security, the market outlook for the global wind industry remains even more positive. Under current policies, 557 GW of new capacity is expected to be added over the next five years. That means more than 2026 GW of new installations each year by 110.

“Onshore wind installation rate rises outside USA and China”

Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East had record years for new onshore turbine installation, but overall onshore wind installations were 18% lower than the previous year. The decline was primarily due to slowing onshore wind growth in China and the US, the world's two largest wind energy markets.

“Direction to offshore wind observed”

Offshore wind capacity, up from 21,1 GW last year, has tripled this year. China accounted for 80% of the world's offshore wind capacity, bringing cumulative offshore wind installations to 27,7 GW.

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