Chinese New Year Brings Love and Luck with Emirates

Gin Brings Love and Luck to the New Year with Emirates
Chinese New Year Brings Love and Luck with Emirates

Starting on January 22 and lasting until February 5, passengers will enter the Chinese New Year in good luck, abundance and abundance with meticulously prepared menus at Emirates lounges in Dubai, Singapore and Bangkok. In addition, blockbusters will be screened on flights in Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese, and special offers will be offered on the EmiratesRED duty free shopping channel.

On January 22, the first day of Chinese New Year, at seven Emirates lounges in Dubai, breakfast snacks such as the classic noodle roll with dried shrimp and clam-stuffed steamed rice known as “Cheung Fun” will be served in the First and Business Class lounges on January XNUMX. For lunch and dinner, passengers will enjoy delicacies such as Cantonese roast duck with plum sauce, a delicious steamed shrimp and vegetable dumpling with soy and vinegar dip, or a rainbow salad with Chinese smoked salmon, sesame and soy ginger dressing. Spicy, sweet and light mango india in First Class lounges cevizli While there are dessert options such as cake or black tea cake, in the Business Class lounges, passengers can enjoy a rich tartlet served with powdered green tea. Passengers will also be able to taste Matcha green tea limited edition gourmet ice creams prepared by Emirates chefs from Emirates' unique authentic ice cream carts.

In Singapore, travelers can sample a Chinese lotus leaf chicken sausage and steamed rice. The sticky-looking rice in this dish traditionally symbolizes family devotion. Other main dishes include wok stir-fried shrimp with green asparagus. Shrimp is pronounced with the word “Ha” in Cantonese, which reflects the sound of laughter, and is symbolically prepared for the new year to bring happiness. One of the delicious desserts, the pineapple in the inside cake with mango boba tea and pineapple is considered one of the lucky fruits in Chinese culture. The word “ong-lai”, which is the equivalent of pineapple in the Hokkien dialect of Chinese, means “opening of destiny”.

At Emirates lounges in Bangkok, passengers can sample steamed red sea bass with Chinese celery ginger sauce, accompanied by ravioli, Siew Mai shrimp and Ha Kao shrimp and chicken seasoning.

Celebrating the Chinese New Year, Emirates passengers can choose from English subtitles on flights such as “Table for Six”, “Almost Love”, “Reunion Dinner”, “Love Can't Be Said”, “Mozart from Space” and “Man on the Edge” Explore a wide selection of 23 Mandarin and 14 Cantonese movies that also offer Chinese subtitles, including new releases such as “Black Adam”, “Rogue Agent”, “Ticket to Paradise”, “The Woman King” and “Elvis” They can enjoy a selection of over 200 Hollywood movies. Passengers can also browse the music library with 122 Chinese albums and playlists. Celebrating the Vietnamese New Year, also known as the Tet Festival, are 6 Vietnamese such as “The Old Man's Dog”, “Saigon in the Rain”, “The Royale Bride”, “Camellia Sisters”, “Accidentally Dad” and “The American Dream” They can choose from movies.

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