When Will Retirees Get Their First Salary?

When Will Those Stuck on Retirement Get Their First Salary?
When Will People Stuck in Retirement Get Their First Salary?

The regulation on retirement age at retirement (EYT), which is expected by millions of people, was announced in December 2022 and it was announced that 2 million 250 thousand people would retire.

The General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey convened under the chairmanship of Celal Adan, Deputy Speaker of the Assembly. After the speeches out of the agenda, the group deputies who took the floor made evaluations on the agenda.

AKP Group Deputy Chairman Muhammet Emin Akbaşoğlu asked the opposition party deputies, "What happened to EYT?" He answered his questions and criticisms. Akbaşoğlu said:

Our Ministry of Labor has completed the technical work on EYT. It concerns 2 million 250 thousand people, in total it concerns nearly 5 million people.

As our President shared with the public on this issue, as of September 8, 1999, without any age requirement, pension rights will be acquired with the same legal status as before that.

Hopefully, we will probably present the bill to our presidency next week; In February, we will enact this with the approval of the Parliament and together we will ensure that all our EYT brothers and sisters receive their pensions in March.

Who will the EYT cover?

Those who have insurance before September 8, 1999 are covered by EYT. Those who have started service after this date will not be able to benefit from the regulation.

What are the EYT terms?

For women who were employed before September 8, 1999, 5 premium days and an insurance period of 20 years, 5 premium days and an insurance period of 25 years for men are required. Those who meet the premium and insurance period conditions will be entitled to retirement regardless of age.

What will those who are missing a premium day in EYT do?

Women whose premium days are not expired can borrow from maternity and men can borrow from military service. In this way, missing days can be completed.

Those who have completed the premium condition but have not completed the insurance period will be entitled to retirement after 20 years for women and 25 years for men.

How many people will benefit from EYT?

With the entry into force of the regulation, 2 million 250 thousand people will have the right to retirement in the first place. This number will increase every year with those who complete the premium and insurance period.

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