Domestic and National Period in the Electrical Equipment Sector

Ozgur Unlu, General Manager of Sigma Electricity
Özgür Ünlü, General Manager of Sigma Elektrik

Working sustainably with the aim of increasing its production capacity by 2023 times with its new factory to be completed in the first quarter of 2.5, Sigma Elektrik will focus on localization and nationalization in the new year. The company, which started to produce the products imported in its 3 main groups in the past period in its own factories, aims to increase the domestic and national rate to 70 percent by the end of the year.

Sigma Elektrik, one of the strongest players in the electrical materials industry, entered the year 2023 fast. The company, which aims to increase its capacity by 10 times with its new factory, which will cost approximately 2.5 million dollars at the end of February, is going to localize and nationalize its products. Sigma Elektrik, which has more than 20 products in 1.800 main product groups, will increase its product range by 3 percent in 10 main product groups this year, increasing its domestic & national ratio to 70 percent. Stating that they export to about 100 countries abroad as well as the domestic market, Sigma Elektrik General Manager Özgür Ünlü said, “We plan to increase our market share by continuing to establish sustainable partnerships abroad. For example, we want to expand our European market. In this way, we will support our export network with Northern Europe and Baltic countries.”

exhibited 2022 percent growth in 50

Özgür Ünlü stated that as the electrical materials sector, they experienced a raw material crisis in the global markets during the pandemic process, and that they grew as a company in the field of sales and production in this process. Noting that 2022 was better than they expected for the company, Ünlü said, “Even though the sector has difficulties in terms of foreign currency, we closed the year with a growth of approximately 50 percent. We experienced a growth on a quantitative basis, especially due to the continuation of the buoyancy in the construction sector. With this vision, we will focus more on customer satisfaction in 2023 and we will continue to work to make it sustainable.”

New markets for exports Northern Europe and the Baltic States

Emphasizing that they will accelerate the localization and nationalization of products in the coming year, Özgür Ünlü said, “Last year, we started to produce the products we imported before by localizing in 3 main product groups. Currently, 60% of our products are domestic. We will increase this rate to 2023 percent in 70. If you produce the product yourself, you have the opportunity to sell more. In this way, you also contribute to employment.” Stating that they export 40 percent of their sales to nearly 100 countries, Özgür Ünlü stated that they plan to increase this rate to 50 percent next year. Özgür Ünlü said, “We have exports to many countries, but sustainability is our main goal there as well. This year, we want to expand our European market by establishing more sustainable partnerships abroad. We currently export to many European countries such as England and Spain. However, our target is to play a more active role in the markets of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in Northern Europe.”

The new factory will work with GES

Reminding that the new factory is at the completion stage, Özgür Ünlü, General Manager of Sigma Elektrik, said, “Everything is proceeding according to our plan. Our new facility is located in a location with high operational efficiency, which we can call straight lines, and where we can make all planning in terms of production more easily. Our factory, which we built with an investment of 10 million dollars, has a structure that will contribute not only to the quantity but also to our production efficiency. One of the most important features of our facility, which is equipped with the latest technology, is that it will work with the Solar Energy System. We will be moving to our new factory at the end of February or the first week of March.”

Günceleme: 21/01/2023 12:18

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