EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Yelkenbiçer Restores Confidence

EGIAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Yelkenbicer Refreshes Guven
EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Yelkenbiçer Restores Confidence

Aegean Young Businessmen Association, which has made a name for itself with many initiatives in the regional sense, constantly raising the bar with the choice of its works and the way it is done, expanding its sphere of influence and initiating many new collaborations, has completed its general assembly. EGİAD698 members participated in the ballot box opened for 386 out of 193 honorary and active/corporate members in the ordinary general assembly of . In the election, which was held with a single list, the current President Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer was re-elected for the 2023-2024 period, reassuring his confidence. Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, who has been the only candidate in the general assembly held in 2021, has made a name for himself with the intense activities carried out by the Aegean Young Business People Association during the recovery period from the pandemic. Denizli Young Businessmen Association-DEGİADWith the participation of the İzmir protocol, the general assembly was attended by the management of associations such as Gaziantep Young Business People Association- GAGİAD, Balıkesir Young Business People Association - BAGİAD. Past Presidency of the General Assembly EGİAD Continuing his duty as the Secretary General of IZTO and the General Secretary of IZTO for the time being, Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tanyeri; Ilayda Serter, Kadircan Yörük, Halit Çim and Elif Koç served as members of the Board of Directors. In the association with a total of 386 active members; Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer received 192 votes. 1 member cast blank votes in the elections.

EGEV President Mehmet Ali Susam, Union of Consuls President Zeliha Toprak, GAGİAD Board Chairman Cihan Koçer, GAGİAD Board Member Metin Tepe, ANGİAD 14th Term Board President Serhan Yıldız, BAGİAD Board Chair Emrah Bilcanlı, DEGİAD The Aegean Young Businessmen Association, which is eagerly awaited by the Izmir business world, with participation from non-governmental organizations such as Chairman of the Board of Directors Hakan Urhan and Chairman of ESİAD Sibel Zorlu.EGİADThe results of the general assembly were announced. Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer and his team, which he renewed by 17 percent, at the 50th term management, audit, advisory board and honor council of the association were elected; re-elected with confidence. Together with Yelkenbiçer, who attended the general assembly and won the votes of 386 out of 192 members. EGİADThe 17th term has started. His team, which will remain in office for two years until January 2025, expects an intense economic agenda. Yelkenbiçer, who came to the podium to give a speech of thanks and targets in the elections with high turnout, thanked the support and trust given and will be given by its members. Yelkenbiçer, who stated that they have been one heart and one voice with the members from different schools in the association's commissions and management, said, "This pride is for you, my friends on the Board of Directors, my commission presidents, our members leading the projects, our administrative staff, who make a difference with their wholehearted participation in all studies. EGİAD is his family. I bow respectfully before you and all you for this successful period. EGİAD“I congratulate them,” he said.

Stating that they organized 311 events within the framework of the main theme of "Sustainability and Dynamism" this period, Yelkenbiçer continued his words by saying, "This journey has brought us step-by-step transformation: digital transformation, green transformation and finally social transformation."


Before anything else EGİADStating that it is possible for . In these two years, I have seen many times that all our members have come together and aligned for the same common goal, without any discrimination or prejudice. Not politics and possible power games, EGİAD under its umbrella, merit in the truest sense of the word reigned; because actually our association is based on a very simple equation: members who want to do business and try to do their job in the best way possible. We are an association that has achieved sustainable success for 33 years by supporting these people among us, allocating resources, giving ideas and counseling. We will continue to be so, and we will pave the way for our friends who are willing to lead us in various topics and have this competence. Our criteria are; not being the wealthiest or the best company, EGİADmost wanted and EGİADTo be the hardest working. The second factor that makes me very happy is our 88 new friends who joined us! Not only in terms of quantity, but also in terms of quality, the speed of taking a role in the activities of the association and the fact that they start to add value from the moment they take their steps… Just as the epidemic period posed a critical risk for us, EGİADThe transformation that 's experienced in himself was just as important. Nearly 30% of our member portfolio has changed numerically; Our average age has dropped too! We are happy because we deserve our name as “Young Business People” and successfully transform ourselves.”

Yelkenbiçer, who stated that they needed the support of the members even though it was a single list, said, “We need your support the most from now on, together with my friends who are candidates for the Board of Directors. As not only the manager or member of our commissions, but also the most or most effective employee; As the member who produces the most ideas and information, researches, finds examples and makes comparisons, and offers options in line with the aims of our association; The one who tries most sincerely for people to meet each other and establish a bond of trust; as a member who includes everyone and makes everyone feel like a family; As the person who most supports the ideas and action steps taken; We ask for your support, EGİAD“It needs each of you,” he said. It was also noteworthy that there were 10 female members in the new management and editorial board.


waiting for urgent action started in the last period and EGİAD Yelkenbiçer, who stated that the titles that they were determined to continue as a Our theme for the term will be “integrating and growing”. We will continue to work with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and Izmir Chamber of Commerce, with which we conduct our most productive cooperation, as well as with chambers, unions, associations in our region and with distinguished Young Business People associations in our country. EGİAD As Melekleri, we will work even faster in the field of entrepreneurship and knowledge generation with our Think Tank. We will continue to look for ways to support and work with not only the private sector but also our public institutions. “Integrating” means the end of the era of formations that continue in the understanding of “let it be ours, let it be small”, which everyone pulls from one end, and ensuring that cooperation and unity of power wins. We want integration not only for our association, but also for our country, with its indisputable rule of law and strengthened institutions and rules, its secularism, equality at a level where gender-language-religion-racial differences will not even come to the fore. The second leg of our theme will be “enlarge”. We must increase participation and creativity. We must also foster proper governance, and the unwavering rule of law. We must also raise climate awareness, acting ethically and for the benefit of society. Kindness, respect, and listening to each other more. We may not be able to reduce polarization, but we can increase understanding. Our goal is never to change anyone's values, but to increase the feeling of partnership. Our biggest partnership is that we have only one country, and that our past and our future are only in Turkey. The rhythm of the world and life is changing, and we need to accelerate too. We need to enlarge a Turkey where every living thing can live with dignity, where the brain drain that causes us to lose our young and well-trained people will be reversed, where a sense of justice prevails, and which strengthens social peace at all levels. We should be able to unite under a single goal and fight together, without the need for earthquakes or wars," he said.


As we enter the 100th Anniversary of our Republic EGİAD Yelkenbiçer stated that her aim is clear and clear: “We are working for Turkey's Bright Future. The inequalities in the society have disappeared; Wealth is distributed more equitably; The rule of law is felt in all areas; The issue of secularism and human rights does not even need to be discussed; Gender equality is effective in all areas of society; The principles of participation, pluralism and merit are internalized; It has determined production and consumption standards that are compatible with the environment; We dream of a country that is a pioneer in digital transformation and scientific production. EGİAD This goal will continue to guide all the steps we will take together under its roof.”


The agenda item regarding the negotiation of the establishment of a new federation and the authorization of the Board of Directors on this issue was also noteworthy. In cooperation with the NGO, which published a joint declaration regarding the General Assembly of the Young Businessmen Confederation of Turkey held in Ankara in the past months and acts as a common platform, EGİAD, asked for authorization in the General Assembly for a new structuring. Yelkenbiçer said, “We have decided to increase our interaction within a platform or a federation or a long-term confederate structure, with the thought that GİADs are a school in our city and in our country, and are values ​​that train leaders for the business world and society. We follow the legal process. We just want to point out that we do not want a decision to leave the Federation. We ask for authorization to set up a platform. Our aim is to ask the intuitions for authorization so that our association can have a roof structure with strong associations like us. Aegean Young Businessmen Association (EGİAD), Ankara Young Businessmen Association (ANGIAD), Bulancak Young Businessmen Association (BUGIAD), Denizli Young Businessmen Association (DEGİAD) We act as Eskişehir Young Businessmen Association (ESGİAD), Bursa Young Industrialists Business People and Managers Association (GESIAD), Gaziantep Young Businessmen Association (GAGİAD), TRNC Young Businessmen Association and Şırnak Businessmen Association (ŞİAD).


1 Alp Avni Yelkenbicer 12 Ilker Erdiliballi
2 Muhlis Kaan Ozhelvaci 13 Mustafa Gures
3 Basak Meadow Canatan 14 Azalea Bac Uçar
4 Ali Kolcu 15 Elif Kaya
5 Arda Yilmaz 16 Zerrin Ulken
6 Ceren Sertdemir Yavuz 17 Hakan Barbak
7 Erkan Karacar 18 Nasit Arda Urper
8 Eyyupcan Fallow 19 Cem Elmasoglu
9 Mert Haciraifoglu 20 Yaman Smoke
10 Muge Sahin 21 Burak Gungor
11 Rain Yarol 22 Rahmi Ozışık

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