Ege University Takes Place at the Summit of Media in 2022

Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak
Ege University Takes Place at the Summit of Media in 2022

📩 03/01/2023 10:32

Ege University, Turkey's 67-year-old sycamore of science, became one of the universities that made a name for itself in the media with its scientific, cultural and sports activities, social responsibility projects, achievements and awards in 2022. 2022 news items were shared with the public in 993 by Ege Agency, which operates within the body of Ege University Media Application and Research Center (EGEMM) and EU Press Relations Branch. According to the media monitoring system Interpress data, Ege University ranked first among all universities in the number of news access with 839 million 758 thousand 80, second with 277 million 914 thousand 688 in total circulation, and third with 11 thousand 920 in the number of news in the press.

“We will continue to be a role model for the academy”

Pointing out that Ege University has left behind a successful year, Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak said, “The year 2022 has been full again for Ege University. As a fully accredited research university; We have paid utmost attention to presenting the achievements we have achieved as a result of our many studies in the fields of student orientation, scientific projects, digitalization, internationalization, university-industry cooperation, sustainable green campus, R&D, innovation and health to the public through the media. Our media units, which are the window to the outside of our university, have made our university visible by working intensively throughout the year in order to inform the public. With nearly a thousand news we served in 2022, we ranked first among state and foundation universities in the number of accesses and third in the number of news in circulation. In the centennial year of our Republic, we will continue to play a role in the academy by working nonstop for new achievements in order to raise our young people, who are our future, more qualified. I would like to express my gratitude to all our employees who contributed.”

“We bring qualified graduates to the media sector”

Expressing that the Media Application and Research Center is an important chance for students, Prof. Dr. Budak said, “Within our center, our Faculty of Communication students have the opportunity to practice their profession. Ege Ajans, Radio Ege Campus and Ege University Television prepare our students for the sector as qualified communicators. Our students, who are trained in the kitchen of the business, reach important positions in the media sector when they graduate. In addition, we prepare our monthly KALEM newspaper, which includes the activities of our university, and share it with all higher education institutions. In the new year, we will continue to make an impact in the field of media and to raise qualified students.”

“We will continue to inform the public in the most accurate way”

Ege University Faculty of Communication Dean and EGEMM Director Prof. Dr. Bilgehan Gultekin; “With our studies and achievements, we have become one of the most talked about universities in the media in 2022. All my colleagues have made great efforts to ensure that the right of the public to receive information is met in the most correct way. As the EGEMM family, we will continue to inform our people about the activities of our university and to prepare our students for the sector in the new year.”

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