Who is Eda Taşpınar, how old is she, where is she from, what is her occupation?

Who is Eda Taspinar, how old is she, what is her occupation?
Who is Eda Taşpınar, How old is she, Where is her from, What is her occupation?

An investigation has been launched by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the sharing of Eda Taşpınar's photographs taken inside a mosque on social media.

The last post of Eda Taşpınar, who actively uses her social media account, drew a reaction. Taşpınar, who was in front of the lens in a mosque, published his photograph with the note "Happy birthday my dears".

After criticism, Taşpınar soon deleted his post. The sharing of Taşpınar, who published his photo taken in a mosque on the social networking site Instagram account, with the note "Happy birthday, my darlings", was examined by the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office.

The Prosecutor's Office launched an ex officio investigation against Taşpınar on the charge of "inciting the people to hatred and hostility or insulting them".

Eda Taşpınar has not yet made a statement on the subject.

What is Re'Sen Investigation?

ex officio sözcüIt includes issues that are decided by laws in the legal field. If an issue has been decided by law, it can be decided without consulting anyone. Ex officio means independently, that is, without consulting anyone.

Who is Eda Taspinar?

Who is Eda Taşpınar, she was born on May 1, 1980 in Istanbul. He spent his childhood in Moda Deniz Club. When he was 11 years old, he and his family settled in Miami. After studying in Boca Raton for 2 years, he came to Turkey and continued his education at Robert College, leaving in his last year. After studying at She London College of Fashion for one year, she also studied fashion at Central School of St. Martins in London. After the school was over, she stayed for another year and returned to Istanbul.

Eda Taşpınar's father, Teoman Taşpınar, is the President of Moda Deniz Club. Eda Taşpınar's mother of Swedish descent is Suzan Yontunç. Adnan Taşpınar is his uncle.

Kenan Yontunç, the first Turkish sculptor of Turkey and sculptor of Atatürk, is the grandfather of Eda Taşpınar.

While studying at the Central School of St. Martins in London, she worked for many world-famous brands such as Armani, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney and Maxmara. She worked in backstages during fashion weeks, assisted well-known fashion editors. After completing his education, he started designing shoes and bags.

Eda Taşpınar founded her own company Yıldız Shop in 2012 and launched cosmetic products such as suntan oils, horsetail shampoo and body shampoo, natural horsehair brushes in cosmetic chains and pharmacies across Turkey under her own brand name. Eda Taşpınar brings its products together with its followers abroad as well. Eda Taşpınar has determined the vision of her company as “to make women happy”. He has prepared and continues to prepare special accessories and clothing collections for leading brands in Turkey. He continues to share his products as a designer.

Eda Taşpınar started her television career with the Trendikon program broadcast on CNN Türk. Azra Akın, Beduk, Bora Kozanoğlu, Burcu Esmersoy, Burcu Güneş, Defne Joy Foster, Derya Büyükuncu, Güneri Civaoğlu, Metin Arolat, Nilgün Belgün, Pascal Nouma, in the program "No Such Dance", produced by Acun Ilıcalı, which started broadcasting on Show TV. He competed with celebrities such as Ragga Oktay and Sibel Arna.

Eda Taşpınar has been with businessman Nurettin Hasman for eight years, starting from 2003. They broke up in 2011. Eda Taşpınar, together with her lover, surfer Bora Kozanoğlu, ran a hotel called B House Boutique Hotel in Alaçatı in 2012. Eda Taşpınar has been with the famous lawyer Can Verdi since 2013.

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