Ways Parents Protect Their Kids From Digital Evils

Ways Parents Protect Their Children From Digital Abuse
Ways Parents Protect Their Kids From Digital Evils

Generation Z children have opened their eyes to life in direct relation to technology. Nowadays, children of all ages have a phone or tablet in their hands. One of the biggest concerns of parents is that they cannot control the videos their children watch, the sites they visit, or the people they talk to.

There are millions of harmful sites, apps, videos or games on the internet that will harm children. In addition, there are many malicious people, which we can see even in the news.

You may think that your child is hanging out on the phone a lot and talking to someone secretly. With the developing technologies, it is now very easy to track children's phones, see who they are talking to, and even read someone's whatsapp messages. your child who is he talking to on whatsapp If you are wondering, our guide may be useful to you.

There are several ways to track your child's phone:

  • Parental control apps: There are many parental control apps in Google Play and App Store. These apps allow you to track your child's phone location, call and message history, app usage, and more.
  • iCloud or Google account: If your child uses iCloud or Google accounts on their iPhone or Android phone, you can track the phone's location and other information through these accounts.
  • Operator services: You can request location tracking service or other parental control services by contacting your child's phone operator.

Please note that tracking your child's phone may endanger his/her safety, not just to ensure his/her safety. Also, consider your child's privacy rights and act with their consent and information.

How Phone Tracking Programs Work

Phone tracker software, when installed on the target phone, works to collect various features and data of the phone. Typically, these data include:

  • Location: Phone tracker programs can track where the phone is by using the GPS data of the target phone.
  • Search history: Phone trackers can record the call history of the target phone and show you this data.
  • Messages: Phone trackers can record messages from the target phone's SMS or messaging apps and show you this data.
  • Browsing history: Phone trackers can save the target phone's browsing history and show you this data.
  • Application usage: Phone trackers can track which apps the target phone uses and how often.
  • Photos and videos: Phone trackers can save photos and videos taken by the target phone and show you this data.

This data is usually displayed on a device with an internet connection (for example, a computer or tablet) or notified to you via e-mail, SMS, etc.

Please note that using phone trackers may not be legal or may violate the privacy rights of your child or the person you follow. Also, it may be wrong to use it without your child's consent or without their knowledge.

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