Digital Gaming World Meets at This Camp

Digital Gaming World Meets at This Camp
Digital Gaming World Meets at This Camp

Digital Animation and Game Clustering Center (DIGIAGE) will host game enthusiasts at Informatics Valley between February 8th and 14th. The camp will host more than 300 participants; It will bring together many components of the ecosystem such as game designers, software developers, artists, producers of digital cinema and animated films, and screenwriters.

Turkey's technology and innovation base, Informatics Valley, will host an important event for the digital game world. The Digital Animation and Game Clustering Center (DIGIAGE) will host the participants in the Valley between 8 – 14 February as a result of the applications it received from 50 provinces. Many institutions and organizations, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Organization of Turkish States, contribute to the DIGIAGE International Winter Camp 2023 event, which will be held under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry and Technology. Game developers will both produce and have fun at the DIGIAGE Future Winter Camp, where more than 300 participants will come. The camp where online participation is also possible; It will bring together many components of the ecosystem such as game designers, software developers, artists, producers of digital cinema and animated films, and screenwriters.

The focus of the winter camp, which is one of the camps organized by DIGIAGE twice a year, is on start-ups that can produce as a team or consider investment options for the right growth by becoming a company. The summer camp, on the other hand, appeals to individual participants who want to enter more sectors and to improve their technical skills, and to participants who are new teams.

Our camp participants are more ready!

DIGIAGE Winter Camp'23 implemented a very different application process this year than previous years. Our friends who are among us in this camp consist of those who successfully passed through 5 different stages. This situation was also reflected in our camp participant profile. Friends who will join our camp will come very motivated to become game entrepreneurs or take part in game initiatives. The rate of friends who will participate in our camp previously worked together as a team is 83%. In other words, when they come to the camp, there will be friends who already know each other, know the technical parts of developing games together, but are looking for the right support to become an entrepreneur. The fact that these friends of ours chose Bilişim Vadisi DIGIAGE camp as the right place reminds us.

proud of this. The balanced distribution of our friends who will participate in the camp was very important for the proper nutrition of the game ecosystem and the correct structure of the companies to be born here. Our camp participant distribution is 43% software developers - 26% 3D Artists - 22% design team members - 8% 2D artists. This proportional distribution is similar to the distribution we see in successful game companies. Our camp will host all kinds of game teams because 35% of our participants are mobile – 41% PC/Console – 24% are producing or planning to produce games in both areas. With this distribution, it shows that we have laid the groundwork for team formations that realize larger productions necessary for the Turkish game ecosystem to achieve great success. The motivation of our participants to be game entrepreneurs is very high. We can understand this motivation from the goals they set themselves. 85% of the camp participants aim to establish their own game studio. Of those who have this goal, 25% say they will set up their own gaming company in less than a year, 52% in one to three years, 21% in three to five years, and 2% in more than five years. DIGIAGE Winter Camp'23 will be instrumental in the establishment of many game studios and meeting with investors. As DIGIAGE, we will continue to work in many different areas apart from the camps for the development of the Turkish game ecosystem.

“Digiage is a great opportunity for both the country's economy and the youth”

Making statements before the camp, Bilişim Vadisi General Manager Serdar İbrahimcioğlu said, “Over 70 teams have developed games so far in our DIGIAGE game development camps. Although Turkey still has a 1% share in the world game market, we can say that it has an increasing momentum day by day. When we look at it from this perspective, I think that DIGIAGE means a great opportunity for both the country's economy and the youth of our country. Young people from every city and town in Turkey, from very different cultures and ages, come to Bilişim Vadisi to realize their dreams. Their will and determination will bring Turkey to an important place in the world game ecosystem in a very short time. Our aim is to increase Turkey's 1% share to 5% in a very short time.”

It will open the door to opportunities

DIGIAGE will offer many opportunities to studios that are successful at the end of the camp. Some of the new game ideas revealed by the teams will be supported by DIGIAGE at the camp, where new generation content ideas such as metaverse and blockchain will turn into projects along with traditional game categories. With the presentations to be made on the last day of the camp, the teams will have the opportunity to come together with the investors. Thanks to these opportunities, international connection and workforce sharing will be ensured. The game production power that Turkey offers to the world will expand and design export opportunities will emerge. The camp will also allow new studios to emerge.

Funding opportunity for game entrepreneurs from informatics valley gsyf managed by Apy ventures

Entrepreneurs that successfully complete the program will have the opportunity to continue their growth by receiving investment directly from Bilişim Vadisi GSYF, managed by APY Ventures. The APY Ventures team, which is the business partner of the program, will contribute from the perspectives of both mentors, trainers and investors.

Industry leaders will mentor

In DIGIAGE Winter Camp 2023, companies and individuals who have achieved many successes in the sector will provide technical support and mentorship to the camp participants. The trainers and mentors who will come to the camp will guide, advise and establish collaborations with the new entrepreneurs they saw years ago so that they can be like themselves years later.

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