Local Winter Flavors of China

Local Kis Flavors of Gin
Local Winter Flavors of China

After the New Year's Eve in China, the coldest days of the year were entered. People living in different parts of the country enjoy local dishes special for winter.

Beijing Hotpot: Hotpot is eaten all over China. But the pot used for the Beijing-specific hotpot is made of bronze. Put mutton, veal and vegetables in a hot pot and eat hot. This dish gives Beijingers an irreplaceable taste, especially in winter days.

Ice Pear

Ice Pear: A dish unique to the Northeast Region. The temperature in the northeastern part of China in winter is around -20 degrees Celsius. Pears give a different taste when eaten after freezing outdoors.

Red Minus Soup

Red Sour Soup: In the Guizhou province of China, people mix peppers with tomatoes and make a special sauce. People make soup with this sauce, especially on winter days. As the soup is both bitter and sour, it quenches the cold.

Cooking Tea at the Beginning of the January

Cooking Tea at the beginning of January: In Hunan province, when friends get together, they prefer to cook teas by a fire and eat exercises. People enjoy this type of tea cooking method.

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