Who is Burhan Çaçan, how old is he, why did he die, when and where will he be buried?

Who is Burhan Cacan, how old is it, when and where will he be buried
Who is Burhan Çaçan, how old is he, why did he die, when and where will he be buried?

Turkish folk music artist Burhan Çaçan passed away at the age of 62. The death of Çaçan, who was an actor as well as a musician, shocked the art world. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, MHP Chairman Devlet Bahçeli, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy expressed their sadness over the death of Burhan Çaçan with messages of condolence.

Why Did Burhan Çaça Die?

Bitter news came from Burhan Çaçan. It was learned that the master musician died in his home in Istanbul. It was stated that Burhan Çaçan, who went out for a walk, fell ill after returning home and passed away due to a heart attack. It was learned that Çaçan had been treated at the hospital a while ago due to a heart condition.

When and Where Will Burhan Çaçan Funeral Be Taken?

Musician Ferman Toprak announced the first details about Burhan Çaçan's funeral. Çaçan's funeral prayer will be held at Fatih Mosque, following the noon prayer.

Who is Burhan Çaçan?

Burhan Çaçan (born October 17, 1960, Ağrı – died January 12, 2023, Istanbul, Turkish folk music artist.

He won the amateur voices competition held by TRT Erzurum Radio in 1978. She came to Ankara, then to Istanbul. He released his first album in 1981. Sefa Geldin made a name for herself in the music world with her albums, I'm Halfway, What's A Thing, İpek Handkerchief, Memik Boy, Frosty Nights, Yağ Yağmur and Vurun Dalgalar. She has made four feature films: Don't Cry, Everywhere Is Dark, Frosty Nights and Yag Yağmur. He also made two albums of hymns, titled Divine 99 and Mevlüt Ve Divine. He is married and has two children.

He died at the age of 12 as a result of a heart attack at his home in Istanbul on January 2023, 62.

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