5 Things to Avoid When Using a Steam Cleaner


So, you've purchased a steam cleaner for your vehicle; now what? Before you start your DIY adventures, here are five things you should know to avoid doing when using a steam cleaner on your automobile:

1. Avoid Electrical Outlets

When using a heavy-duty  steam machine , it is important to keep your steam nozzle at least 2 inches away from any electrical outlets or sockets inside your vehicle. A standard-issue car is likely to have at least three of the following:

  • A charging unit
  • A cigarette lighter
  • HDMI/FM/USB-C ports
  • An external charging port (for electric/hybrid vehicles)

It is a good idea to cover these orifices with waterproof duct tape, preferably in a color distinct from your vehicle’s interior.

2. Do Not Use It on Leather Surfaces


This advice may seem counterproductive, primarily if 75% of your car interior is composed of leather; however, leather and rexine materials are quickly aged and damaged by exposure to steam for extended periods. The supple leather material will likely dry out and look worn, losing its original gloss. To avoid this, check the composition of your vehicle’s interior and, if possible, remove any leather coverings or decorations.

3. Do Not Use It in an Enclosed Space

If you are using a steam machine for the first time and lack the proper protective equipment, we suggest keeping a door or window open throughout the process. Although you will achieve the best results if you conduct the cleaning in one complete session, doing so in a closed car will likely take a toll on your respiration and may cause a choking hazard. Additionally, steam cleaning will likely raise the temperature inside the vehicle to unsustainable degrees, which can cause delayed steam burns and even chemical burns, depending on your preferred cleaning agent(s).

4. Do Not Use It in One Place for Too Long

This one is pretty simple, the steam condenses to water, and when too much water vapor collects in a few sections of your car, it could stick and produce mold. Do not run the machine in any one area for an extended period, and pat dry thoroughly if you suspect collecting dampness in any area.

5. Clean Up Before and After

A steam cleaner may be suitable for removing tough stains and sanitizing germ-prone areas of your car. Still, you should run a vacuum cleaner over your vehicle interior before you begin steam cleaning. This removes any debris that could dampen and potentially worsen stains and prevents loose debris from getting sticky. For convenience, make use of a portable vacuum, one that is recommended by your local car-detailing service, or, if you're in a pinch, a can of WD-40 always comes in handy for a quick dusting!


This is not an exhaustive list of common errors, but you should be confident in embarking on your steam-cleaning adventures now alongside other safety measures! Make sure to consult the manufacturer of your steam cleaner for any additional queries about dos and don’ts.

Günceleme: 23/01/2023 20:12

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