Bridge, Highway, SSI Debt, Tax Penalties Have Been Deleted, or Has There been a Restructuring for Debts?

Kopru Otoyol SGK Debt Tax Penalties Have Been Deleted or Have Debt Restructured?
Bridge, Highway, SSI Debt, Tax Penalties Have Been Deleted, Have Restructured Debts Came?

The 2023 debt restructuring package was announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the Cabinet Meeting held at the Presidential Complex. It brings ease of payment in debts of citizens and businesses to the state and write-off of some debts. With the configuration package, some penalties were amnesty. While the 2023 debt restructuring package items were on the agenda, an answer was sought to the question of whether SSI debt, tax, penalty debts were erased. The deleted debts list is searched in the search engine. Tax amnesty will be on the agenda for citizens who have debts that do not exceed 2 thousand liras in all titles such as tax, penalty and interest.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We are preparing a law proposal that restructures the public receivables of our institutions such as tax offices, customs directorates, Social Security Institution, municipalities, special provincial administrations, investment monitoring and coordination departments. With this proposal, we abolish the penalties of our citizens' and companies' debts to our public institutions and organizations, especially tax and premium obligations. With the arrangement we will make, we provide the opportunity to update all these debts at a certain rate and to pay them in installments. Since the defendant's tax and premium files will be within this scope, we give the parties the opportunity to end the disputes. With the offer, we also provide base increase and correction of business records.

As it is known, we ended the increase in higher education loan debts depending on the index. Now, the more loans our young people have taken, they only pay back that amount. In the past, we also deleted the debts that were created with the index. With this arrangement, we make it possible to restructure debts other than the index and pay them in installments. We wish a comprehensive implementation and configuration proposal to all beneficiaries.”

Stating that "he wants to give good news to citizens who have executive debt," President Erdoğan reminded that a regulation has already been made to liquidate executive debts that do not exceed 2 thousand liras and to end their follow-up.

President Erdoğan said, “Now, we are implementing the same practice for our citizens who owe our tax offices no more than 2 thousand liras in all topics such as taxes, penalties and interest. We give up the collection of penalties for debts that do not exceed 31 thousand liras before 2022 December 2 and are paid to tax offices for one time only. I wish that this application, the details of which will be announced by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, will be beneficial to our citizens who will not be subject to follow-up due to their debts to the tax office.” said.

Emphasizing that the main purpose of the regulations made is to prevent the state and the citizens from clashing over small matters, President Erdoğan said: “As Turkey's resources, the wealth of the nation, and the income of the state increase, we will continue to use the opportunity that arises for the peace and well-being of all 85 million people.” he said.

Nearly 2 and a half million drivers' penalty points are deleted

Noting that he also wanted to share a good news about traffic fines, President Erdoğan said that Turkey's road infrastructure has been made suitable for fast, comfortable and safe travel with divided roads, highways, bridges and tunnels, and that, in the last 5 years, especially in fatal traffic accidents, it has been almost half. He said it was cut in half.

President Erdoğan stated that there was a greater activity in commercial voyages on the roads due to the increased exports and the vitality in the domestic market during the epidemic period of Turkey, adding that the increase in the use of individual and commercial roads, despite all the measures taken, caused serious increases in the penalty points of drivers due to rule violations.

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