The Favorite Dog of Narcotics Operations in Bolu 'Century' Does Not Allow Drugs

The Favorite Dog of Narcotics Operations in Bolu Doesn't Resist Extreme Drugs
The Favorite Dog of Narcotic Operations in Bolu 'Century' Does Not Allow Drugs

The narcotic dog “Asır”, which participates in the operations of the Bolu Provincial Gendarmerie Command, contributes to the teams in the prevention of drug trade with its successful performance.

2-year-old Belgian wolfhound "Asır", who has been working in the Anti-Narcotic Crimes Unit of the Provincial Gendarmerie Command for about 3 years, is training on a specially prepared track.

Known for his "absolute obedience to his trainer", the narcotic dog strictly follows the given commands.

With its agility, “Asır” easily overcomes the difficult obstacles on the special track and quickly detects the hidden drugs.

The wolfhound, who does many technical moves as well as doing push-ups with his trainer, is rewarded with his favorite toy ball after his success. In addition, after the exhausting training, maintenance is carried out by the teams.

He Didn't Give Way To Drugs In The Practices He Participated In 2022

With its keen sense of smell, “Asır” provides great convenience to the teams in narcotic operations and practices throughout the province.

Especially on the Anatolian Highway route, the narcotic dog, which catches the poison dealers trying to transport drugs from the eastern provinces to the west, deserves long special trainings with its eye-catching performance.

Making its trainers happy with its success report in searches, “Asır” participated in 2022 practices held in 227.

In operations involving a narcotic dog, which showed great success in searches and did not allow drugs,

  • 42 grams of heroin,
  • 20 kilos and 286 grams of skunk,
  • 9 kilos and 165 grams of herbal cannabis,
  • 6 kilos 699 grams of cannabis powder,
  • 63 grams of resin cannabis,
  • 86 grams of methamphetamine,
  • 2 grams of bonsai,
  • 2 grams of cocaine,
  • 299 drug pills,
  • 30 grams of morphine,
  • 3 LSDs and 30 grams of kratom were captured.

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