BMW Group's Newest Concept 'BMW i Vision Dee' Revealed!

BMW i Vision Dee, The Newest Concept of the BMW Group, Revealed
BMW Group's Newest Concept 'BMW i Vision Dee' Revealed!

BMW, of which Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkish representative, left its mark on the world's largest Consumer Electronics Fair (CES). BMW i Vision Dee, the car that BMW calls the future of the automotive industry, combining virtual experience and real driving pleasure, came together with automobile and technology enthusiasts at CES 2023.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the most important technology events in the world, hosted its exhibitors and visitors between 5-8 January this year. Commenting on the future of the automotive industry at the fair, BMW introduced the BMW i Vision Dee, which draws attention with its name meaning "digital emotional experience". The BMW i Vision Dee marks a milestone on the road to the brand's next-generation NEUE KLASSE models that will appear in 2025.

BMW i Vision Dee

Opening the Doors of the Virtual World

Among the technological innovations introduced in the BMW i Vision Dee is the advanced Head-up Display. Combined with the BMW Mixed Reality Slider, this system allows the driver to specifically set what information the system will show or not, as part of the Shy-Tech approach. Among the five-step options, information on traditional driving, the content of the system, smart device connectivity, augmented reality projection and Dee's virtual world can be accessed.

BMW i Vision Dee can cut off the connection with the outside world by gradually darkening the windows, thanks to the mixed reality it has in order to increase driving pleasure for its user. BMW, the pioneer of Head-up Display technology, has systematically developed this technology over the last two decades. With the BMW i Vision Dee, the brand can use the entire windshield to reflect information. BMW also announced at CES 2025 that it will use this groundbreaking technology in the NEUE KLASSE models that will meet the roads in 2023.

BMW i Vision Dee

Minimalist Design and High Technology Together

BMW i Vision Dee reinterprets the classic sporty sedan design that has been taken for granted, with new reduced shapes that allow the use of fewer body parts. Thus, digital details replace the familiar analog design elements in the automotive world. Taking the E-INK color changing technology one step further, which marked last year's CES and exhibited on BMW's flagship in electromobility, the BMW iX, BMW i Vision Dee can reflect 32 different colors on its body. The body surface of the car is divided into 240 different E-INK parts, allowing a near infinite variety of patterns to be created in just seconds.

BMW i Vision Dee's E-INK technology touches not only the body parts of the car, but also the windows and headlights. Headlights and closed BMW kidney grilles transformed into emotional communication tools; Thanks to animated facial expressions, it is supported on the physical-digital surface (phygital), allowing the car to express itself. Recognizing its users, BMW i Vision Dee performs a personalized welcome by playing an animation created from the avatars of people on the side windows.

BMW i Vision Dee

Cabin Enhanced with Shy-Tech Approach

The unusually designed steering wheel, minimalist control buttons and screens specially developed to maintain BMW's traditional driving pleasure, also carry the interior design of the BMW i Vision Dee beyond the era. The driver-oriented dashboard responds to its user by coming to life when touched or approached. In addition, thanks to the center console designed perpendicular to the front console, the multimedia systems of the BMW i Vision Dee can be easily controlled with the touchpad. With these physical contact points, the content of the BMW i Vision Dee projected onto the windshield can be selected. Thus, the principle of “hands on the wheel, eyes on the road” is supported.

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