The Foundation of Recreation Area to Add Value to Batıkent has been laid

The foundation of the recreation area that will add value to Batikent has been laid
Foundation of Recreation Area to Add Value to Batıkent

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which started a green space mobilization in Ankara, held the opening and groundbreaking ceremony of the new park and recreation areas, which were started to be built in Yenimahalle district.

Addressing the people of the Capital City at the ceremony held with the participation of CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, ABB President Mansur Yavaş said, “Since the first day we took office, we have attached importance to the understanding of 'I will start my service from whichever region needs it', not the understanding of 'whoever votes more, from that region'. We did not discriminate anyone, we served 6 million Ankara residents equally.”

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş continues his work without slowing down to increase the number of green areas all over the capital.

Increasing the number of green areas that will give the capital a breath of fresh air, Yavaş hosted the collective opening and groundbreaking ceremony of 650 brand new green areas built on an area of ​​11 thousand square meters in Yenimahalle.

CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, representatives of the Nation Alliance parties, deputies, council members, district mayors, headmen, representatives of non-governmental organizations, bureaucrats and citizens attended the opening and groundbreaking ceremony of 320 green space projects, which will be completed with a cost of approximately 11 million TL.


In his opening speech, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who gave information about the works carried out by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality with the understanding of the "Green Capital", as well as the projects implemented in a period of about 4 years, said, "When we aspire to the office about four years ago, we promised to change the understanding of municipalism in Ankara. . The municipality should not be the door of rent, but the door of remedy. He should have prioritized light, not huge buildings. He should have chosen sincerity, not ostentation. Here is this understanding that we call the new generation municipality; It was the period when the remedy, light and sincerity were the most valuable.”

Emphasizing that they have implemented projects that prioritize the health and life of the public, Chairman Mansur Yavaş said, “We have started to implement projects that prioritize the health and life of the public until today. In this century, Ankara, the capital of the Republic of Turkey, still had hundreds of open sewers. Many of them have been closed system. We had villages where water was transported by tankers. In all of these, we draw the water lines by renewing the water tanks. While we supply potable water from the tap, we continue our projects for regions like Polatlı that have longed for clean water for 30 years. We continue to work for the people while giving the public account of every penny of the people," he said.


"We have families in this city that have received social assistance for three generations," said Yavaş, adding:

“His grandfather got help, his father got help, now he is getting help himself… Here we have only one way to prevent his child from getting help in the future: a healthy development and a good education… We are saddened by our son who said, 'My mother received meat as a report card gift' on a television channel the other day. we watched. We do not have the right to do this to our children. Those in Ankara are very lucky as we learned this from the e-mails we received and from the research we have done. Again, for the first time in Turkey, we started natural gas support to 200 thousand families last year so that they would not get cold.”

In the continuation of his speech, Yavaş talked about the SMA test, child screening test, library, kindergarten, technology centers, stationery and canteen supports, free internet and student support projects, and said:

“We set up libraries wherever we find vacant. There were no nurseries in this city; Now we have opened 18 kindergartens, and we will open more… There was no technology center in this city, we built 4, we will do more… Because we want the brain drain in this city to stop, young people to receive high-level education and compete with the world. We want our children to have the right to education under equal conditions. In order to ensure equal opportunity in education, we provide stationery support to 180 thousand children, canteen support to 14 thousand children in the first place, and free internet service in 57 squares and 918 villages. We pay the service fee of 6500 primary school students. Now, we will meet the bus subscriptions of approximately 42 thousand students in secondary education. Student subscription, student water discount, free accommodation centers, exam fee payments… All of these, so that the new generation should not be in need of social assistance; We put it into practice so that he can complete his physical development well, read, and grow up as a good son for himself and his country.”


Continuing his statements by saying, “We said we will produce, we will make the producers from Ankara rich…”, ABB President Yavaş reminded that they provided the most comprehensive rural development support in Turkey and continued his speech as follows:

“I am very happy to say that with the rural development support we have made in 3 years, we have provided more than 33 billion 4 million liras in total to our 446 thousand producers in Ankara. Because a major climate crisis is expected in the world. We aim to prevent possible problems in the future in terms of access to food supply, and to produce Ankara at a level that is both self-sufficient and comfortable for our country. For this purpose, I hope we will lay the foundation for this in Kesikköprü, we are switching to irrigated agriculture for the first time on an area of ​​6470 decares. This was the promise we made before the election. Thus, we will benefit from Kesikköprü water in the agricultural field, we will produce it, and we will develop our local economy. I would like to share one more good news here… This was our promise before the election. Solar energy system… Now we are implementing this project as well. First of all, we will provide solar energy free of charge to 11 households from the farmers who receive support from us. We cooperate with non-governmental organizations… We work with universities… We come together with our industrialists. Whatever demand there is for production in this city, we, as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, are right next to them, and we will continue to stand by them from now on.”


Stating that the infrastructure and superstructure of Istasyon Street, which has been postponed for years and turned into gangrene, has been completely renovated, together with the alternative boulevard, at a cost of 528 million liras, Yavaş said, “There was an Istasyon Street problem... We will be opening it soon. Traffic was jammed, the area was flooded, the people were devastated. They presented nice promises to the people of Etimesgut. Glad we had the chance to do it. We completed our project, in which we completely renovated the region with its alternative boulevard and infrastructure, at a cost of 528 million liras. Here, it is considered as asphalt only when the road is cleared. We spent 3 times underground than we spent on the surface, so that the houses there would not flood again," he said.


Noting that the opening and groundbreaking ceremony of more than 200 projects will be held until the election, Yavaş said, “We are building big boulevards and continuing the processes of metro projects. We build family life centers and complete cultural centers. We build technology centers, libraries, youth centers, sports facilities. While realizing all these projects with a total cost of around 12 billion liras, instead of holding separate opening ceremonies for each of them, we strive to organize collective ceremonies from district to district as we do here today. We announce the costs of all the openings we make to the public with banners. We promised to turn Ankara into the capital of green. For this purpose, we have signed many exemplary projects in Ankara.” He also gave information about 1 parks that were opened before, such as Çubuk 30 Dam Recreation Area, Gazi Park, 50 August Zafer Park.


“We have come to tell our fellow citizens of Yenimahalle what we are doing, and more importantly, what we are doing for how much money. We have come to give an account to the people of Batıkent and Yenimahalle. The approximate cost of these projects, which consists of a total green area of ​​650 thousand square meters, is 320 million liras,” Yavaş continued as follows:

“Since the first day we took office, we have cared not for the understanding of 'whoever votes the most, I will start serving from that region', but the understanding of 'I will start serving from whichever region needs it'. We did not discriminate anyone, we served 6 million Ankara residents equally. We did the municipality not for politics, but for the people. Unfortunately, for years in Ankara, the districts were separated by keeping a black-covered registry book. Especially Çankaya and Yenimahalle districts were almost punished. Here, Batıkent Recreation Area, which we started to build here, will be one of our vision projects. Our fellow countrymen residing in this region were asking when to build housing in this area, and they were uneasy. But that old understanding is no more…”

Chairman Yavaş, who shared information about Batıkent Recreation Area, said, “The project we aim to complete this year will add great value to both our district and Ankara. Our recreation area, where we will host thousands of our citizens every weekend, especially from Yenimahalle, will be a place where green instead of gray, trees rise instead of concrete, and where our citizens will freely meet with nature instead of being trapped in concrete.

Yavaş talked about other green space projects that will be founded or opened in the coming days as follows:

“We rented the Hacıkadin City Forest on the northern axis of our city. Here I am announcing it to the people of Ankara. If it snows well, 80 sledges and barbecues are waiting for you. We will open it to the public without disturbing its natural structure. Again this year, we will bring the 64 thousand square meter Ovacık Park to our city. We started to work on a new recreation area on an area of ​​170 square meters in Lodumlu. Again at the same place, the 80 square meter Lavender Park… We will revive the memories of this city's digital zoo in the Natural Life and Atatürk Children's Park, which we will establish on an area of ​​940 thousand square meters at Atatürk Forest Farm. We will complete our 103 sports fields in total this year. We continue to work day and night to open the 4 million square meter project, which we call the Capital Ankara Development Project… Again, we hear the same words. They are the ones who made the cities into concrete piles and then said 'we destroyed the cities'. As you can see, there is nothing based on rent. The general needs of the people are met. While it was said before the election that they can't manage, they can't, the municipality is too indebted, they can't even pay their salaries in the first month, we also paid a total of 4 billion TL debt taken from banks to distribute 4 billion liras to the contractors hastily before the election. According to the statement of the famous credit institution Fitch in terms of financial discipline, currently Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is the municipality with the highest credibility…”


Underlining that this area will add value to Batıkent, Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yaşar said:

“It will accelerate Batıkent; I wanted this area, like European cities that will emit oxygen to children, young people, women, sports, arts, culture and green spaces, to be brought to the residents of Batıkent as soon as possible, and since that day, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş has been interested in the project and today an important part of it has been built. I am honored to lay the foundation. On behalf of the people of Yenimahalle and myself, I would like to thank him very much.”

Yenimahalle Kentkoop Neighborhood Headman Şükran Ayaz said, “This 420 thousand square meter area, which is inactive in our neighborhood, has been left idle until today, although we have mentioned it many times. There will be social facilities and sports facilities where our citizens can have a pleasant time. Our Batıkent has become a center of attraction. I would like to thank our Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, Yenimahalle Mayor Fethi Yaşar and everyone who contributed to our neighborhood. Good luck to our neighborhood," he said.


CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu stated the following in his speech:

“We listened to a mayor friend of ours who struggled to fulfill the requirements of a city like Ankara that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk had dreamed of. For this reason, I heartily congratulate Mr. Yavaş and my other mayors. Our President, Mr. Yavaş, just said, 'we did not make any discrimination'. He said, 'We got more votes from this neighborhood, we got less from there, no… we got everyone equally.' I told my mayor friends, 'the money you spend is not your money, it is the money of the town, the money of the nation'. You will give an account to the nation for every expenditure you have made. There is no task as valuable as giving an account. Today, Mansur Yavaş is giving an account to his people. “We did this,” he says. What could be more valuable than that? I sincerely thank the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality for making these beautiful investments.”


In Batıkent Recreation Area, whose contract value is 229 million 453 thousand TL; While it is planned to include a youth center, women's club, exhibition hall, tea garden, cafeteria, prayer room, parking lot and kiosks, areas where citizens can do sports as they wish were not forgotten.

In the recreation area; There will be two indoor sports facilities, basketball, mini football fields and tennis courts, and one volleyball and professional football field each.

There will be social facilities and sports fields in the area with the theme of “climate positive” and 80 percent of it will be green areas.

The park, which will have an insatiable visuality with a biological pond of 3 thousand 676 square meters, will have a 17-kilometer walking path and a 6-kilometer bicycle track.

Aiming to provide residents of the capital with a green area where they can get plenty of oxygen in the fresh air, ABB will bring together 40 trees and 80 thousand plants that are compatible with the climatic conditions of the Capital, apart from 7 thousand square meters of grass and 100 square meters of meadows in the park.

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